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Donald Young Falls to Andy Murray at U.S. Open

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The feel-good story ended for American Donald Young as Murray advances to the quarterfinals.

Donald Young Falls to Andy Murray at U.S. Open

The worst thing that happened to Donald Young's hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open was the rain.  Downpours canceled his match on Tuesday, when it was originally scheduled to be played.  Play was delayed on Wednesday, but Young and his opponent Andy Murray could only play three games before the rain started again.  A match that was supposed to start at 11 AM on Tuesday ended at 1 PM on Thursday, and Murray defeated the American hopeful in straight sets 6-2, 6-3, 6-3.

Young looked feisty during the first three games played on Wednesday.  He was active, effective on his serve, and got up to a 2-1 lead.  It looked like Young belonged out there with the big boys.  But Murray came out of the gate on Thursday with a full head of steam and Young couldn't handle it.  Murray won the first seven games before Young finally got one in the second set.  Young looked like a completely different player on Thursday.  His play was wildly inconsistent.  Young would break Murray's serve and then give Murray the break right back.  When it looked like Young was starting to gain momentum, an unforced error would send him spiraling.  Here are the unforced errors for both players in the three sets:

  • 1st Set: Andy Murray - 4 Donald Young - 16
  • 2nd Set: Andy Murray - 5 Donald Young - 19
  • 3rd Set: Andy Murray - 8 Donald Young - 18

Young was just giving Murray points left and right.  You can't expect to win a match if your opponent has less unforced errors in three sets than you did in one of yours.  By no means did Young give Andy Murray the match either.  Murray played great tennis today.  There is a reason he is the fourth seed in this tournament.  Murray took advantage of Young's mistakes, which is what great players do.  

Each high and low evoked different reactions from Young.  He wore his emotions on his sleeves, and far too often a bad hit or missed shot would be followed by Young sulking along the baseline.  His demeanor after he lost a game and returned to his bench was that of a defeated player.  When Murray finally delivered the finishing blow to Young with a perfectly placed ace, Young looked completely deflated.

There is no question that Young made large strides for himself in this year's U.S. Open.  He made his deepest run in a grand slam event and showed flashes of a player that can be successful.  But you can see in a match like this the reasons that he fell off the map in the first place.  Young has to learn to control his emotions.  He can't overreact to every bad shot or missed point.  He still needs to work on his head before he can take even larger strides in the future, but it does seem like there is one for Young.

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