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Blogger Roundtable: Carolina Panthers

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

CHARGED asks some of the premier Panthers bloggers what to expect in 2011

Blogger Roundtable: Carolina Panthers

In this article…

As part of CHARGED's NFL Preview we surveyed the blogosphere to get opinions on NFL teams from the writers that know them best. We asked all of them the same four questions and here are the answers for the Carolina Panthers.

We talked to Jeremy Igo, owner, editor and writer for Carolina Huddle:

1. Who's an up and coming player that fans should keep an eye on?

The popular answer here is Cam Newton, but I am going with second year defensive end Greg Hardy. Due to an offseason motorcycle accident, Hardy missed all of camp and only managed to play in one preseason game. However, he will be starting opposite Charles Johnson and has the physical skills to be a game changer.

2. What rookie do you see as having the biggest impact?

You really have to go with Cam Newton here. He will struggle at times, but has shown flashes of brilliance. His ability outside of the pocket will keep the Panthers in games that they would easily lose with Jimmy Clausen under center.

3. What are the keys to the season for the Panthers?

Experience, experience, and more experience. Carolina fans are not actually expecting a winning season. We have a new coaching staff, new system, rookie QB and an incomplete offseason to prepare. Its going to be rough. But if the Panthers can use this season to get the young guys a healthy portion of real game experience, next season will be a winning one.

4. What are your predictions for regular season wins/ the post season?

5-11 this season. Postseason? POSTSEASON?

To see what CHARGED had to say about the Panthers upcoming season you can check out our full NFC South preview and visit us for the best tickets to see the Panthers this year.

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