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Blogger Roundtable: St. Louis Rams

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

CHARGED asks some of the premier Rams bloggers what to expect in 2011

Blogger Roundtable: St. Louis Rams

In this article…

As part of CHARGED's NFL Preview we surveyed the blogosphere to get opinions on NFL teams from the writers that know them best. We asked all of them the same four questions and here are the answers for the St. Louis Rams.

We talked to Jeff Roman, editor and lead writer for Rams Gab:

1. Who's an up and coming player that fans should keep an eye on?

Considering I looked ahead at question two, I'll save the first player that came to mind for that question.  The player for the Rams to keep an eye on is cornerback Bradley Fletcher.  The 3rd round pick in 2009 was just coming on during the 2009 season when he lost more than half the season to a knee injury.  He got back to full speed in 2010, and he should take the #1 corner mantle for an ever improving Rams defense this season.  Fletcher is a big physical corner who can muscle smaller receivers out of the game and come up and play the run.

2. What rookie do you see as having the biggest impact?

Lance Kendricks, the Rams 2nd round pick was met with a lot of questions when he was drafted, but so far in training camp and the preseason, the tight end has silenced critics.  He already looks to be a huge target for Sam Bradford and will quickly grow into a key player for the Rams offense.

3. What are the keys to the season for the Rams?

The keys for the Rams lie in the offensive line and the pass rush.  The Rams offensive line needs to give young QB Sam Bradford enough time to let his receivers get open and open lanes for aging RB Steven Jackson.  The Rams have invested a lot in their offensive line and the offense doesn't move without a big time performance from the big guys.  Alternately, the Rams blitz is a high-risk and high reward type defense and they need to get the blitz to the quarterback more often than not to make a big different from game to game.

4. What are your predictions for regular season wins/ the post season?

I'll go out on a small limb and say that the Rams will go 8-8 and win the NFC West and lose in the wild card round to the Atlanta Falcons.

For more Jeff check out his stories on on the Rams offense vs. the Eagles defense and his week-by-week predictions for the Rams.

To see what CHARGED had to say about the Rams upcoming season you can check out our full NFC West Preview and visit us for the best tickets to see the Rams this year.

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