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Mavericks Close Out Thunder, Await Finals Opponent

by Photo of Tommy Dee

Dirk, Mavs Await Bulls/HEAT Winner

Mavericks Close Out Thunder, Await Finals Opponent

Five years ago, the Dallas Mavericks took a 2-0 lead during the NBA Finals over Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal and the Miami HEAT only to see their lead dissolve and their title hopes dashed.

Jason Terry still hasn't forgotten.


"I never let it go. Anytime I go to sleep. Anytime I lift my arm up I got the trophy tattooed on me this season. If you look in my locker, it

(photo) is right there."

Terry and his mates now have a chance of redemption as they closed out the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5 games, culminating in a 100-96 victory last night and they now await the winner of the HEAT/Bulls series.

While Dirk Nowitzki, who's clutch second-chance three pointer gave the Mavs a 95-94 lead with just over a minute left, was again fantastic, Shawn Marion's play cannot be ignored. The ex-Suns forward has found a home with the Mavs and his all around skills have been critical to the team's playoff success, particularly against the lean, lanky Thunder forwards. Marion gave Nowitzki the opportunity to make the critical shot by tipping an offensive rebound that ended up in the hands of Thunder forward Nick Collison who tapped the ball out. It finally ended in the hands of Nowitzki, the game's best shooter, who caught it in rhythm and buried the dagger.

The Mavs, who are a team that have been tweaked with several key twists since their last Finals appearance like the addition of the ageless Jason Kidd, former number two overall pick Tyson Chandler and players like Marion, now get the chance to sit back and await their opponent, but whether it's Chicago or Miami this current team is prepared to compete. They will be facing a team, especially the HEAT, who don't have the togetherness and team experience. To me, that gives the Mavericks a tremendous advantage in the series and the ultimate chance at redemption.

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