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When is Major League Baseball's Opening Day? (You Already Missed It.)

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Major League Baseball needs to work on their Opening Day strategy.

When is Major League Baseball's Opening Day? (You Already Missed It.)

When is Opening Day? Did you know it already happened? This week, the Mariners and Athletics split a two-game series in the Tokyo Dome. Kids in Oakland and Seattle rushed home from school to watch them from 2 to 5 a.m.

Those games count in the standings. Meanwhile, the other 28 teams all played baseball in either Florida or Arizona. Those games don't count. The next game that counts will be in Florida too, but there will be other teams playing in Florida on the same date, with their starting lineups, and those other games won't count.

When does the baseball season begin? If you haven't stopped caring, all you have to do is go to MLB.com, mouse over "SCHEDULE" in the top center of the screen, and click the picture of a calendar that says "IMPORTANT DATES." There, you can find that Opening Night is April 4, Opening Day is April 5, and "the first date that a player placed on the 15-day disabled list during Spring Training may be reinstated (if placed on or backdated to March 26)" is April 10.

For most teams, the first game of the year is really on April 6, unlisted and uncelebrated. MLB didn't bother to tell their broadcast partners, either: as of this writing, "Regular Season" baseball scores have top billing on ESPN.com's ticker, even though every single one of them is actually a spring training game.

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Yeah, this is pretty much a marketing disaster. Since you probably missed Opening Day, go check out the highlights on YouTube. Oh wait. You can't, because why would Major League Baseball want young people to experience their product?

The only positive from this Opening Day fiasco is that I have an early lead in my fantasy league, thanks to Yoenis Cespedes' hot start and first career home run.

But really, get your act together, Bud Selig.


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