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Ciara Transforms New York Into A Summer Oasis (Videos)

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

CHARGED was at Ciara’s recent concert in New York

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On Thursday, August 4th, Ciara visited New York City as part of the Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion Concert Tour presented by Malibu Rum.

The Summer tour is all about creating that Caribbean vibe and Ciara and Malibu combined to do just that. They transformed Beekman's at Pier 17 on the South Street Seaport into a summer oasis filled with sand, surfboards, and plenty of free rum for the concert goers. That's right, a lucky group of select New Yorkers and fans were treated to not only a free Ciara concert but also an open bar and free food.

The first portion of the evening started around 7:30pm and included a red carpet arrival for Ciara, although as you'll notice in the photo gallery the carpet was actually white. The press was able to take photos and got a chance to interview Ciara. This is where CHARGED learned that Ciara and Amar'e were officially broken up and you can read more about that and see an exclusive video here

By 8pm there were throngs of fans waiting outside the venue hoping for a chance to get in or even to just catch a glimpse of Ciara. Fans were slowly let in as they were checked off a guest list and were greeted by the lovely Malibu girls offering them a cocktail. I can only assume the Malibu girls were hired for their impeccable customer service skills and waitressing abilities. It probably had nothing to do with how they looked in a bikini.

After enjoying a couple hours of cocktails and food which included sliders, hot dogs, and bratwurst, the crowd made its way into the tented area where the show would be going down. They were treated to a set from DJ Skribble who didn't have any trouble getting the now alcohol-infused crowd ready and excited for Ciara.

After DJ Skribble finished spinning it was time for the main event. Anyone that was still outside on the "beach" made their way into the tent and party goers need not worry because there were two open bars inside the tent to match the two outside.

Ciara hit the stage with dancers in tow and were decked out in all white. She opened with "Get Up" and I was instantly impressed by the fact that not only was Ciara dancing but was also clearly singing as well. This might not seem that impressive for someone that makes a living off their voice and their dancing ability but I've been to far to many shows where lip syncing was accompanied by mediocre choreography. It was refreshing to see a pop star that was capable of doing both and doing both well.

Ciara then went into her hit song "Goodies" which sent the crowd into a frenzy. You can hear their screams and catch all of Ciara's moves in our exclusive video below.


Lots of times at these brand sponsored events the musical guest will only perform a couple songs but Malibu did not short change the fans, some of which waited hours to get in. Ciara performed a total of 12 songs made up of some of her famous singles and biggest features including "Pretty Girl Swag".


After showing us her swag Ciara performed "Oh" and "Like a Boy" before getting into "Promise". It was during this song at which point I'm convinced Ciara was singing directly to CHARGED, check out the video at the 1:44 mark and tell me I'm wrong. Sorry Amar'e, we didn't mean to go and steal your girl like that.

After we shared that magical moment with the princess of R&B she performed one of her more recent hits, "Ride". If you've ever seen the music video before you can imagine why every male eyeball was squarely focused on stage. Ciara did not disappoint and delivered a very intimate and sensual performance. 

Ciara followed it up with "So What", "Takin' Back My Love", and "Lose Control". You can see a video of "So What" below and to see videos from all of Ciara's performances and the pre-show interviews visit my Youtube Channel. 

After hours of eating, drinking, and merriment, Ciara closed the show with "Gimme Dat" and her classic hit "1, 2, Step". Check out the two videos below as they are some of our best from the show and you can really feel and hear the crowd in the last one.


The concert was over but the party was still going strong. Attendees continued to enjoy sipping island themed drinks as they lounged on the beach. There was also a "Scratch Station" set up for people to try their hand at DJ-ing and a photo booth where they could dress in wild island themed garments and have their photo taken and emailed to them by staff with iPads.

It was an unbelievable event put on by Ciara and Malibu. It looked like all the party goers enjoyed themselves and best of all they were treated to a legitimate 12 song set. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and eventually as the masses started to leave the venue began resembling the summer oasis it began as.

The Malibu Station Invasion Tour is still going on with stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix still to come. If you enjoyed all our great photos and videos from this show be sure to also check out our articles on Nicki Minaj and Nas and Damian Marley. And as always, visit Charged.fm for all your concert ticket needs.

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