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Ciara and Amar'e: The Celebrity Couple Is No More

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

After a rumored split for months, CHARGED confirmed the couple is over

Ciara and Amar'e: The Celebrity Couple Is No More

New York Knicks star Amar'e Stoudamire and R&B singer Ciara started dating sometime around January. Ciara was often seen sitting courtside at Knicks games, they were spotted at events and clubs in New York and were even seen riding motobikes together because isn't that how every couple likes to spend their free time?

There have been rumors of a split since the end of May. However, neither side officially confirmed the split until CHARGED caught up with Ciara a couple weeks ago at a concert at South Street Seaport in New York City. You can see full coverage of the concert and performance including videos and a photo gallery here.

In a series of interviews before the performance, Ciara dropped many hints about the breakup and even laughed at the suggestion of still dating Amar'e. When first asked about her dating life Ciara said, "Well I'm young and having fun and I'm just taking my time. I'm extremely focused on my career and I'm just having fun man. I'm just laying back and just keeping it fun and sexy."

In a follow up question Ciara was asked if she had a summer fling and responded, "No. Fling? Ugh, summer romance? No."

When Ciara was specifically asked about Amar'e, in a third and final interview session conducted by CHARGED and two other publications, she simply laughed it off. You can see the exclusive video of Ciara discussing her personal life and laughing off Amar'e below.

I'm sure Amar'e and his $100 million contract do just fine with the ladies but it still must sting a little to see an ex just laugh at the suggestion of your name. Hopefully for Knicks fans, Amar'e will be more focused on recovering from his back injury than chasing more pop stars. For tickets to all the music and sports events in your area make sure to visit Charged.fm for the best seats

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