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Highlights of J.R. Smith's 60 Point Game (Video)

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Smith scored 60 points with a barrage of three pointers while playing in the Chinese League.

Highlights of J.R. Smith's 60 Point Game (Video)

J.R. Smith is putting up numbers in China. The former Denver Nugget is averaging 35 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 4.3 assists in 25 games this year. But on Wednesday Smith really put on a show, scoring 60 points and grabbing 8 rebounds, while shooting 14-18 from three-point range.

And Smith did this while coming off the bench in his team's 122-110 victory.

As a reminder, do not make his sister angry. You will regret it.

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Is there a chance that the Knicks could grab the scorer when he comes back to the U.S.? Both he and the team apparently have interest.

As for Smith, his father, Earl, told SNY.tv, that his son is “just concentrating on what he’s gotta get done.”

Earl seemed to dismiss the Knicks, who only have the $2.5 million mini-level available, as an option.

“So $2.5 million, come on,” he said.

Asked generally about the guys in China, Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said, “I think those are the things you monitor, yeah, I think those are the things you keep your eye on.

“And what do we have, the $2.5 [million] exception left? And we’ll sit there and look at it. If it makes sense, we’ll do it in a heartbeat. If it doesn’t make sense then we’ll take a pass.”


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