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Terrell Suggs Tells Skip Bayless: 'Don't Be a Douchebag'

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Suggs didn’t appreciate Bayless after a tough loss to the Patriots yesterday.

Terrell Suggs Tells Skip Bayless: 'Don't Be a Douchebag'

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The Ravens’ Terrell Suggs has turned into a somewhat regular foil for Skip Bayless on ESPN 2′s First Take. It works because Bayless will spew his intentionally inflammatory opinions (including those about the Ravens), and in return, Suggs will be his incredibly intense self. Ratings GOLD, we tell you.

But today, Suggs took it to another level. He went on First Take again, and considering his team just lost a shot at the Super Bowl yesterday, one might expect him to have been more ornery than usual. And it’s fair to say he was. Video evidence:


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Terrell Suggs finally said to Skip Bayless what America collectively wishes it could. Well said, Terrell.

Watching Bayless spew every day is a difficult task.  But having someone on with the backbone to call him on his BS is a treat. I would actually tune in if more people talked to Bayless like this and didn't let him push them around. But since that is rarely the case, my television set remains off.


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