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Common and Drake Have Beef

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Common and Drake dissed each other on verses of “Stay Schemin”.

Common and Drake Have Beef

In this article…

It’s an old-fashioned rap battle and after Common dropped his “Stay Schemin’” (Remix) on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” and RapFix, the ball is now in Drake’s court. Spawning numerous trending topics on Twitter (“Canada Dry,” “Drake Diss” and “Common”), it’s clear that the Chi-Town rapper’s rebuttal is dominating Monday’s hip-hop conversation. “My motto is, Chicago b--ch/ Everybody knows you sweet, what the problem is?/ Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it,” Common spit in response to Drake’s diss verse on the original version of “Stay Schemin’,” which appeared on Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape.

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Well, it's not quite Jay-Z vs. Nas, but it's something.

Where did this feud come from? It looks like shopper/tennis star and Common's ex-girlfriend Serena Williams, who Drake has been rumored to be very close with recently. It always leads back to a woman, doesn't it?

Also, can we just be honest and admit that Drake sucks?


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