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Sam Hurd is Allegedly a Top Drug Dealer in Chicago; Customers Included Many NFL Players

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

The former Cowboys and Bears receiver was arrested last night in Chicago.

Sam Hurd is Allegedly a Top Drug Dealer in Chicago; Customers Included Many NFL Players

According to the Dallas Morning News, Hurd had been negotiating for the drugs in North Texas since his days as a Cowboy. He was arrested last night at a steakhouse in Chicago, and he'll be in federal court there today.

According to the affidavit, one of Hurd's associates had been negotiating a major drug buy with a criminal informant in July, which caused federal investigators to stop a vehicle that Hurd owned. They seized a bag full of marijuana and $88,000 in cash.

Later this year, per the complaint, Hurd's people resumed negotiations for the cocaine, and Hurd got involved face-to-face. He told the federal agent that he wanted to purchase five to ten kilos of cocaine, and 1,000 pounds of marijuana, per week, to deal in Chicago. He then allegedly received a kilo of coke from the agent, at which point they arrested him.

These are serious charges. I would like to know what Hurd was thinking while this plan was being hatched out though. What exactly does Hurd stand to gain from being a drug kingpin? He's already a millionaire, so why risk all of that to sell drugs? It's unfortunate to see someone become successful and just throw it all away like this.

Hurd has just eight catches on the year and is one of three ex-Cowboys that are disappointing in Chicago. Marion Barber has 389 yards and six touchdowns on the year, but two big mistakes cost the Bears the game against Denver last week. Roy Williams has 26 catches, just one touchdown, and four drops. In his defense, none of them compare to how badly Hurd dropped the ball here.

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Also, check out this video of Hurd from 2007. "Show me the Money Productions...We ain't just football players!"

Hurd Complaint



A law enforcement source told Laurence Holmes of 670 that Hurd was one of the top drug dealers in Chicago. Police obtained a list of NFL players who were supplied drugs Hurd and the number is “in the double digits.”

Considering Hurd already allegedly dealing drugs while in Dallas, this could create problems in at least two NFL cities. And it could create the impression, at a minimum, that the NFL’s drug testing is pretty easy to get around.

This is going to get ugly and quick for the NFL.

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