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Aaron Rodgers Has the Same Feelings About Skip Bayless That We All Do

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

The best quarterback in football doesn’t think too highly of Bayless.

Aaron Rodgers Has the Same Feelings About Skip Bayless That We All Do

Indeed, it feels like a privilege to watch Rodgers play, such is his mastery of his position. Recently, Rodgers opened up about someone – a media member, not a football player – he finds it’s decidedly less of a privilege to watch. Someone who’s a professional contrarian, someone who says things where you sometimes wonder if they actually believe what they’re saying. Who was Rodgers talking about? Well, he never said specifically, but…

“I just think it just goes to the point that you can’t take a whole lot of what those people say too personally because they’re shock experts on ESPN and NFL Network. A lot of them are just going for the shock value of what they’re saying, as is typified by that guy on ESPN, I don’t want to even say his name. He works for “First Take”…All he does is say things that are so ridiculous just for the shock value.”

Well, THAT’S not a nice thing to say about Jay Crawford!

We kid, we kid. It’s pretty clear that Rodgers is referring to one Skip Bayless, who tends to get on a lot of nerves, and he no doubt likes it that way. That’s his style. Rodgers says it right there: shock value. You know, statements like this. And we’re glad Rodgers is this candid. As exhilarating as it’s been to watch him on the field this year, he’s not boring off it, either.

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When you think about it, could there be one athlete who doesn't feel this way about Bayless? Athletes generally don't love the media as it is and Bayless is so damn negative and unlikeable. 

And let's not forget Bayless' unwarranted speculation about Troy Aikman's sexualty.

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