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“Home” Is Where Heart Is for Sevendust

by Photo of Liz Ramanand

Frontman of Sevendust Lajon WItherspoon talks music, family and a possible acoustic tour.

“Home” Is Where Heart Is for Sevendust

It seems that the southern gentlemen of Sevendust are just a group of cool dads on tour.  This summer they are on tour playing the 2011 Uproar Festival where they will share the stage with talented bands such as Black Tide, Art of Dying and Hell or Highwater on the Music Gear Stage.  

When I caught up with vocalist Lajon Witherspoon he seemed delighted to tour with familiar faces such as Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Bullet for My Valentine and many others who will be headlining the festival. 

But first Witherspoon makes it clear that before any touring happens he has to go home to be with his family, especially his two daughters’ ages 11 and three. He says that Uproar is “far down the line, I gotta go home and be daddy first”.

However the newest dad in the band is guitarist Clint Lowery.  He and his wife recently had a baby boy.  “We all are daddies now, Clint’s finally jumped on the wagon” says Witherspoon.

He goes on to say that “it’s really cool to have grown up together as young men and become fathers together”.

So will there be a mini Sevendust formed by the children of grown up Sevendust in the near future?...maybe not.

Witherspoon says that his kids do “like music, and I don’t have any boundaries on it.  Of course, you know, they can’t listen to stuff with cussing.” 

Cussing or not, Sevendust fans cannot wait see them rock the stage at this year’s Uproar Festival.

When I asked Witherspoon what is the one thing he would take on tour with him to avoid the occasional miseries of touring (electronics don’t count, well they do but not here).

The ever romantic frontman replies “I have to bring my wedding ring, that thing could wreck a day if you misplace it. I need Lo Jack on it.”

Lajon Witherspoon also mentioned possible plans after Uproar “we’re in the talkings right now about going out and doing and acoustic tour but making it really special”.

Catch Sevendust rocking out on this summer’s Uproar Festival.

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/M9MBGcwJBPk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Carter.

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