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Acid Trips with the Lady in Fluorescent

by Photo of Michelle Bair

Local performers Little Kimchi and The Kloons collaborate to create a movie.

Acid Trips with the Lady in Fluorescent

A peculiar pair of acid trips took place on a beautiful Brooklyn rooftop last night. Two local artists hallucinated the same dazzling woman flourished in lime green and hot pink fashions. In view of the city’s rich layers, they danced with her under the overcast sunset.

At this point, I’m sure there are a few drug-free folks wondering why a journalist is reporting such news—but there is no need to fluster —it is all part of a movie, and no actual drugs were involved. With joining efforts of Little Kimchi, a BacKspace Performance Ensemble dancer, and The Kloons, a few friendly entertainers from California—footage was captured for a flick to be showcased at a film festival in September.

The Kloons began creating online videos about a year ago, and since then have built an established audience following.Known for crisp video work and incredible editing, The Kloons bring fresh ideas of artistic parodies to our ever-evolving generation of technology. Recent music videos include “Booty Wurk”—paying tribute to T-Pain and beautiful bottoms around the world—and Rub-a-Dubstep Shampoo, a commercial satire that must been seen.  If you're a fan of Katy Perry, you will certainly get a kick out of their E.T. Futuristic Lover Official Music Video Parody—another brilliant spoof. 

Not only do The Kloons handle all angles of their videos, they whip out the beats as well.

“Nik did the music for this,” said Kloon Greg Washburn as he pointed to Nik Kazoura, who was in the process of videotaping a contact dance session with Little Kimchi and Mitch Lewis, also a Kloon.

“Our hands are in every part of it,” Washburn said.

The Kloons enjoy their privileges of crafting without limits, he said—especially collaborating with others, such as Little Kimchi. In addition to compelling videos and performing around New York, The Kloons have an innovative maze on their website where fans can be rewarded with a unique gift.

Be sure to check out   http://www.thekloons.com/   for a link to their channel and The Kloons experience. Also add them on Facebook and Twitter for updates—including the finished product of their highly anticipated acid trip. Similar to CollegeHumor Offline, which also features internet-based comedy in the city, The Kloons embrace the benefits of sharing hilarity in cyberspace land.

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