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Bow Wow's Fake Death

by Photo of Jillian Ryan

Rapper Bow Wow was rumored to be dead after a fake CNN website reports this false story.

Bow Wow's Fake Death

First there was Sconex, then Myspace, next came Facebook and then along came Twitter, so when did the latest trend become faking celebrity deaths?

Apparently yesterday rapper/ actor Bow Wow ' committed suicide and was found in his apartment ' ? None of the following statement is true of course but Twitter went into a frenzy yesterday morning as news of the rapper's alleged death swept the country. Fans were in disbelief about the news, which was later proved to be false.

Whoever started the rumor also went through the trouble of creating a look-alike CNN website to report the story. Who honestly has the time? The sad part is that in this age of technology these rumors spread like wildfire and its hard to defuse these situations because they are so easily believed. The funny part is a little more research into these stories would go a long way. If people dug a little deeper, they would notice that the rapper tweeted only 19 minutes after the hoax story was released. So if he had been 'found dead' the day before how is that possible? Kind of laughable actually!

Either way, Bow Wow didn't have too much to say about his rumored death, but for all of his fans Bow Wow is alive and kicking and you can see him at any performance at a city near you. In any case Bow Wow has bigger fish to fry, as he's got an album, which is going to be called Underrated or Greenlight 4, which is said to drop sometime in November. Some of the features include top notch talents in the rap game including Fabolous, Nas, The Game, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg. Im sure after the album is released a tour will be under way so just remember to let Charged.fm get you the best seats to the show.

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  1. Katie Barrera's profile

    Katie Barrera

    February 18th, 2017 @23:48

    Yall are putting thing like that....he is not dead so stop playing around like that

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