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REVIEW: Kelly Rowland declares "Here I Am"

by Photo of Herbert Duran

The singer’s third solo attempt finds her crossing genres.

REVIEW: Kelly Rowland declares

In Kelly Rowland’s third solo attempt, “Here I Am” she showcases her versatility and ability to blend genre’s, teetering between R&B and House music. Her number 1 single ‘Motivation’ featuring Lil Wayne has definitely sprung the former Destiny’s Child member from musical collaborator/ reality show host obscurity to full-fledged solo artist prominence.

 Ironically enough the album’s title, “Here I Am” is a bit misleading. This album is not personal; we don’t get to know the ‘real’ Kelly in these songs. We don’t hear songs about her childhood, her living under the eclipsing shadow that is Bey, or any personal love songs. She kept it strictly business by choosing songs that are Top 40/radio friendly songs that could have been sung by anyone. So when Kelly declares, “Here I Am” the listeners are left scratching their heads and asking, “who exactly are you?” Her schizophrenic jump from R&B to Dance throughout the album doesn’t help either, it’s like she has multiple personalities and she was unsure of the direction she wanted to go in on the album.

 Being a Destiny’s Child fan from the start and following all the members careers (original and replacements) for the past 10+ years, there is something beautifully humble about Kelly’s persona, I always pulled for her to have a successful solo career. I think ‘Here I Am’ is definitely her expressing being fed up with the Beyonce comparisons and creating her own niche in the music industry and just trying to chart.

 ‘Here I Am’ being comprised of mostly radio friendly songs is obviously not a bad thing. Listeners will love the Big Sean assisted ‘Lay It On Me’ and it’s infectious chorus and the fun, club, ‘Turn It Up”, where Ms. Kelly sings, “Turn It Up/ Shots all around”. And I’m not going to act like Kelly’s new sexy/dominatrix alter ego is not awesome; ‘Motivation’ and ‘Commander’ allow her to play that role with ease.   ‘Feelin Me Right Now’ is another standout track that beautifully marries her R&B/Dance science experiment.   None of the songs are ‘bad’ they just lack personality and that extra ‘mmph’ other artists put in their songs. Or maybe I’m just a disappointed Destiny’s Child fan that expected a lot more from Ms. Kelly.

 Recommended: “Feeling Me Right Now”, “Motivation” and “Turn It Up”

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  1. Raghib Allie-Brennan's profile

    Raghib Allie-Brennan

    July 27th, 2011 @13:37

    Great article she is a force to be reckoned with, finally.

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