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Adam Carolla Show a Big Hit

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Adam Carolla’s having success online and on the road.

Adam Carolla Show a Big Hit

In this article…

Best known from his days as co-host of
and The Man Show, Adam Carolla has had continued success since his radio show was cancelled in February of 2009. Just days after the cancellation, the co-creator of Crank Yankers started a podcast on his own website and has not looked back. From the beginning, the podcast featured many familiar guests and the format evolved into one very similar to that of his radio show, only without the tight FCC regulations that often held Carolla back. Last month, The Adam Carolla Show broke the Guiness World Record for "Most Downloaded Podcast", breaking Ricky Gervais' record.

The comedian has parlayed the success of the podcast into live shows on the road in clubs across the country. Charged.fm was at Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City on Friday, June 24th to see "Ace" perform his stand up routine. And just as you would expect from the Guiness World Record holder these days, he did not disappoint. Filled with organic rage rarely seen from a rich guy living in Hollywood, Carolla's rants sparked consistent laughter and applause from the lively, late-night audience. Don't expect to see an overly rehearsed, finely tuned script filled with technical one-liners. This is no slight; the comedian knows his strengths and sticks with what works. That's part of his charm; you don't get the feeling he's trying to make you laugh- he's just happy people are listening to him talk. Case in point: His most popular bit is "What Can't Adam Complain About?", where the audience yells out topics most people love, challenging Adam to angrily and hilariously explain why they're each awful (Spoiler Alert: he always wins). Carolla's act is a hybrid of improvisational humor mixed with passionate ideas that, no matter how crazy, you can't help but agree with. Perhaps that's the biggest compliment of all; it's hard to tell if his opinions have more value comedically, or as ideas we should actually follow to better ourselves and society as a whole.

Via Los Angeles Times:

I listened because Carolla had a take on the hypocrisies of the human condition that was always smart, frequently radical and occasionally downright brilliant. Famous for his analogies, which he expands into complicated, protracted tangents on everything from junior college to ranchera music to the absurdity of "not being judgmental," Carolla's mental and verbal dexterity would make any professional writer jealous — at least it does this one.

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You can buy Adam Carolla's book In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks...And Other Complaints From an Angry, Middle-Aged White Guy here.

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