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It Doesn't Matter Where Jeter Gets 3,000

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

The Captain’s milestone will be special regardless of the location.

It Doesn't Matter Where Jeter Gets 3,000

Via Mike Bauman of MLB.com:

I don't think you have to be a Yankees fan to agree that hit No. 3,000 should occur at Yankee Stadium. For Derek Jeter, who has meant so much to the franchise, this is the natural, the correct and the perfect place for this lofty achievement to occur.

On the other hand, it is difficult to think of a less suitable place for this hitting summit to be reached than the home of the Cubs. If the 3,000th hit had to come on the road, how about in Boston, at the peak of the rivalry? Or at least on the road against another American League East team? Or if it had to be a National League team in Interleague play, how about one that was a postseason regular? Some place, any place with some historical connection to the Yankees and to Jeter, for that matter.

Alright, maybe it matters a little. Maybe Jeter should get his 3,000th hit at home. As in, the Dallas Mavericks should have won the NBA Finals in five games so they could have done it at the American Airlines Center. It really was a shame they only did it in Miami. Have you heard the Mav's fans complaining about how they had to watch the game on television? Did you hear Mark Cuban say that winning a championship felt a little empty because he had to go out in South Beach afterward? That's why Dirk Nowitzki left the court early, right? Because the moment wasn't big enough? I'm sure he felt as though everything he worked so hard for in his career was tainted because of what city he happened to be in.

This nonsense about the Cubs and Wrigley Field not being good enough for Derek Jeter and the Yankees is a joke. The way Mike Bauman describes them, you would think the Cubs joined baseball in 1992; they're actually one of the few franchises that existed before the Yankees did. Sure, their 0 championships are a long ways away from New York's 27. But if Jeter was going for 3,000 in Boston, as Bauman would so graciously accept, would their 2 measly championships since 1918 demean the accomplishment? According to the article, he would rather Jeter get his milestone in Canada or the prestigious Tropicana Field, rather than the second oldest ballpark in the Majors.

Bauman even admits himself that the location ultimately doesn't matter:

Nothing at this late date will diminish the achievement when Jeter reaches the high plateau of 3,000 hits. Only 27 other men in the game's history came this far. History will not think less of him for reaching this goal on Chicago's North Side rather than in the Bronx.

Let Charged.fm get you the best seats to see Jeter, wherever he gets his 3,000th hit.

Considering the Yankees now play in a state of the art, multi-purpose venue that opened in 2009, one might argue that New Yankee Stadium is the least suitable setting for Jeter's incredibly historic and exclusive achievement to take place.

Really MJ, in UTAH?!


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