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Bill Simmons' Grantland Launches

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Will The Sports Guy’s newest endeavor be a success?

Bill Simmons' Grantland Launches

The much anticipated Bill Simmons' creation debuted Wednesday at noon. Here's a small part from his Welcome to Grantland piece:

I would love to tell you that this website will work, that we'll entertain you five days a week and blend sports and pop culture successfully. The truth is, I don't know for sure. This site will keep changing over the next few months just like Jimmy's show kept changing in 2003, hopefully for the right reasons and not the wrong ones...You figure out what works, you figure out what doesn't work, you keep moving. That's the next nine months for us. Eventually, we will evolve into what we are. Whatever the hell that is.

On one hand, it's hard to believe that the new site will be anything but a major success. Simmons, with his massive following, appears to have the golden touch. His columns, podcasts, and 30 for 30 series have all done extremely well. The addition of Chuck Klosterman gives Grantland a strong foundation with two smart, entertaining writers who already have solid chemistry.

Concerns do exist. ESPN owns the site; they've been known to keep the shackles on The Sports Guy.  Their censorship regarding entities they have ties to and material they deem too vulgar has been well documented (although Simmons dropped two F bombs in his opening column). In addition, the long-form writing the site has featured does not cater to the Internet masses.

Either way, they should probably change the name.

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