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Mets Should Keep Reyes, Trade Wright

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

The New York Mets have critical decisions to make regarding their two most popular players.

Mets Should Keep Reyes, Trade Wright

When the Mets built their new ballpark who knew it was going to play such a pivotal role in who was going to stay on their roster moving forward.

We'll look beyond the fact that it's a shame a New York baseball team has to pick which one of their home grown "stars" they can keep going forward. It's an unfortunate reality for a team that has had so much go wrong since being a base hit away from a World Series appearance in 2006. With the 2011 season slipping away and the Mets "bleeding money", all signs point to Jose Reyes, David Wright, or both gone before Opening Day 2012.

The Mets need to sign Reyes and trade Wright.

There was a time not too long ago when I felt I was alone with this opinion.  But the hotter Reyes gets while Wright sits on the DL, the more this is changing. It was reported last week that the Mets are considering trading their third baseman.

Via Adam Rubin of ESPN New York:

Said the source: "If they wanted to move Wright, there's no better time to move him than now, because there still will be teams out there thinking, 'Well, David Wright was sabotaged by the stadium. He's still a good player. He'd be a good fit where he doesn't have to be the guy,' which he's been here for so long. So they can get some return on Wright. Plus the fact that he has two years left on his deal, so you're not talking about long-term financial damage for any team that does pick him up."

If you watch Wright every day, you know that his season statistics make him look much better than he actually is.  The team needs to move him while he still has a lot of value. There's no doubt David is a good player, but his inconsistencies and failures in big moments stop him from being an elite player. Despite excelling as a two-strike hitter early in his career, he now goes long stretches where he's a strikeout waiting to happen (301 total Ks in 2009 and 2010). Since Matt Cain beaned him in the head in 2009, Wright often looks like he's never seen a breaking ball before. He's simply too streaky to be a major force in the middle of a pennant-winning lineup.  Even during the team's success in 2006, it was Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado who provided the biggest hits for the Mets. And, again,  let's not even get into his relationship with Citi Field.

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Reyes certainly has his faults. He, like Wright, has struggled in clutch situations and has not been able to get the Mets over the hump. However, you can live with your lead off hitting shortstop not driving in a ton of runs.  Reyes is a table setter that disrupts games with his electric speed and base stealing prowess. Unlike most hitters (Wright included), the spacious outfield at Citi Field should actually help Jose. The switch hitter's line drives have been finding gaps; his Major League leading 10 triples almost double the next best total.  His glove, range, and arm at the critical shortstop position are all outstanding as well. If he was a big time run producer, he'd be the best player in baseball. Instead, he's only good enough to be the cornerstone of the franchise moving forward. 

We will explore both players trade values later, but for now it's clear that since the Mets can't keep both players, Reyes needs to remain in Queens for the long term.

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