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John Shannon of theSHIFT Talks New Album ‘7th Direction’, Musical Influences + More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

TheSHIFT bring high cosmic rock and roll to your ear drums!

John Shannon of theSHIFT Talks New Album ‘7th Direction’, Musical Influences + More

In this article…

TheSHIFT are gearing up to release 7th Direction on April 14 and we had a chance to speak with frontman John Shannon. The vocalist spoke all about the new album, the band's mission to provide galactic rock and roll to music fans as well as musicians that have influenced him as a fan. Check out our interview with John Shannon of theSHIFT below:

7th Direction – what does this title mean to you personally?

7th Direction comes from Native American philosophy. The first 4 directions are East, South, West, North. The sky is the 5th and the Earth is the 6th. The 7th Direction is the direction within.

Though this direction is labeled going "within" it is just the same connecting with the cosmos that are on the outside. Therefore it's the direction of connecting with all things in an ethereal sense.

We felt this was a relevant title and concept to what the songs on the album are about and to what theSHIFT is about in general.

How was the recording and creative process for you on this disc?

It was smooth. We prepared, went in and knocked it out.

For anyone who is not familiar with theSHIFT – how would you describe your sound?

High Octane Cosmic Rock 'n' Roll.

What are your future aspirations for theSHIFT?

To tour nonstop and take over the world spreading cosmic consciousness through music, of course.

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you and the rest of the band?

Nonstop touring and connecting with people across the country.

Did you go to a lot of shows growing up? If so was there one that left a great impact on you, talk about this experience.

We all went to a lot of shows growing up. To name a few shows that had great impact on us collectively: Michael Jackson, Green Day and Type O Negative. All shows made us feel inspired to do what those artists were doing - travel with music and put on high energy shows across the world.

For all of your tickets to alternative music concerts, check CHARGED! Also check out a full list of 2015 tour dates below to see when you can catch theSHIFT on the road! For more information visit http://www.shiftwithus.com/

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