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Avers Let Loose at Baby's All Right [Review + Photos]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The psych rock ‘supergroup’ of sorts played a fantastic set at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right.

Avers Let Loose at Baby's All Right [Review + Photos]

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February was cold. At least it was for me in New York City. Thankfully, Richmond, VA band Avers had just what I needed to heat things up on another chilly February evening at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right. 

Comprised of members of The Head and the Heart and Mason Brothers, among others, the group really sounded tight on stage. Among the six members of the band on stage, five took their turn at singing during the show. There were solos and layered, harmonious parts sprinkled throughout with different members taking the leads on and off. The level of comfort and how well the group played and performed was quite impressive. It's always more enjoyable watching a group that is not only having fun (like these guys were) but playing well with each other. Everyone seemed to make the next one better, and it culminated in a really great set.

What also made everything so fun was that it felt like Avers was playing out of a garage. The surf/fuzz/psych rock that they churned out kept things loose for all parties, including the folks getting down in the crowd. The music was infectious and easy to get behind, and with some fantastic showmanship, it made for a terrific performance. Keep an eye out for Avers, who put out their debut LP Empty Light last year. If they all find more time to get together and make more music, they can definitely go places.

Check out some more photos from Avers at Baby's All Right below.

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