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The Dodo's Bring A Passionate Performance to Music Hall of Williamsburg

by Photo of Sean Driscoll

The band is touring in support of their new album ‘Individ’ and they made their stop in NYC!

The Dodo's Bring A Passionate Performance to Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Of the many times I have seen The Dodos live, from the "What Stage" at Bonnaroo to small clubs in Boston, they have consistently managed to carry the energy of a much larger band. While the weather outside may have left fans frigid before they entered the venue, The Dodos managed to raise spirits with a passionate performance. 

Meric Long and Logan Kroeber carry a shared charisma about them that filled the room as they walked onto the stage - the byproduct of  a decade of creating and performing music together. The stage was set with Meric’s guitar set on the left side of the stage, and Logan’s drums on the right, a sparse string of lights wrapping around the stage behind them. 

Their energy doesn’t wain from the minute they start,  as the night began with the uptempo rhythm of “Goodbye and Endings,” off of their new release Individ. They vigorously played away on their instruments, performing “Competition,” one of the the strongest tracks off of their new album and also went into songs “The Season,” “Confidence,” and “The Tide.” 

When the Dodos started in on the first notes of “Walking” and “Red and Purple,” I was taken on a nostalgic tour of my past, a colorful fall where a friend first shared a Dodos song on a mix CD. 

They ended their ten song set with “Pattern/Shadow,” and came back shortly after they left the stage for the encore. “What song do you want to hear?” Meric asked the crowd, to a near unanimous response from the crowd of “Horny Hippies!” 

He teasingly responded “I’ve never heard so many people scream horny before,” but did not take the crowds song suggestion, and instead finished the concert with “Joe’s Waltz,” and “Don’t Try and Hide It.” 

(While it was disappointing to not hear my favorite song) The Dodos still managed to leave me and the rest of the crowd satisfied. The band's sound is so diverse, combining indie rock with grunge, pop punk, and a dose of folk. With all these elements, and their numerous selections of excellent songs to choose, they managed to deliver a heartfelt and excellent night of music to Williamsburg’s Hall of Music

Check out some of our photos from the show and for all of your tickets to indie rock shows, check CHARGED! 

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