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Peyton Manning Is Coming Back

by Photo of Ankit Ahuja

Manning Takes Pay Cut To Give Him One More Shot At Glory

Peyton Manning Is Coming Back

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Peyton Manning is coming back for at least one more year. Yesterday, Manning agreed to take a $4 million pay cut for this upcoming as he hopes the Denver Broncos can make another run to the Super Bowl. Manning passed his physical today and the contract was officially signed.

There were questions whether or not Manning would retire or return, but now all the speculation is put to bed for one more season at least. Manning, who struggled mightily in the playoffs this past year, had been dealing with a multitude of injuries including a thigh injury. Many questioned whether Manning would be the same player after that game, but Denver’s management and coaches believe Peyton is still the man to lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

The $4 million paycut that Manning is taking will give Denver some more cap room to pursue free agents and fortify the team around their star quarterback. Manning is said to be 100 percent healthy now as he has recovered from his thigh injury and is expected to be ready for mini-camp. The key in this entire dynamic is Manning’s health. Just a year and a half ago, Manning was breaking records at an breathtaking pace at age 37. This past year, Manning showed flashes of being great early in the season in 2014 when he was healthy. Since dealing with the thigh injury, Manning visibly wasn’t the same. Manning will be 39 at the start of the season, and it will take a good year of health for the Broncos to get the best out of Peyton.

Teams have banked on quarterbacks Manning's age and older before, and the results have been mixed. According to Pro Football Reference, only eight quarterbacks have started at least 10 games for a team at age 39 or older. Brett Favre and Warren Moon each did it three times, while Vinny Testaverde and Warren Moon each did it once. Only one of those quarterbacks, Favre in 2009 with the Minnesota Vikings, was able to reach the postseason. Favre had one of his best seasons that year, throwing for 4,202 yards, 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.

That's obviously what Manning hopes to produce, but to even greater results. With the emergence of CJ Anderson and the run game last season, Denver can potentially alleviate the passing load off of Manning. During Favre's great year, he was handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson, who put up 1,382 yards and 18 rushing touchdowns. Anderson is no Peterson, but if he can produce like he did last year, Manning won't have to throw the ball 40-plus times a game and risk more injury.

After firing their coaching staff, President John Elway brought in old friend and offensive-minded Gary Kubiak. Many wondered if Manning would fit into Kubiak’s system, but Kubiak will definitely make adjustments to fit Manning. Kubiak’s main job this year will be to get the most out of Peyton. Coming off a down, injury-filled year, Manning will be looking to prove the doubters wrong. Manning will enter his 4th year with the Broncos and is hoping for one last run at a Super Bowl. Last year he threw for over 4,700 yards and 39 touchdowns. If the Broncos can get that out of Manning that would be great, but Manning needs to play well over the course of the year, not just in stretches. As football fans, we are lucky that Manning is coming back, but it will be up to Manning if the Broncos can get that elusive Super Bowl title.  

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