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Conan O'Brien Visits Cuba

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The best host in the late night game proved why with his trip to Cuba that aired last night.

Conan O'Brien Visits Cuba

In my heart, there's only one modern host of The Tonight Show, and that's Conan O'Brien. I thought he was royally screwed by Jay Leno and NBC, but since his departure he's gone to TBS and done some absolutely amazing comedy work. 

His latest effort Conan In Cuba, a show taped in Cuba, only proves to me that O'Brien is the best host in late night television.

While Jimmy Fallon might get huge ratings over at The Tonight Show, Conan is doing things that Fallon wouldn't even dream of. Conan takes risks with his comedy, and going to Cuba definitely falls in that category. O'Brien became the first US late night host to film in Cuba since 1959. Conan has always been edgier and more daring, and stuff he did in Cuba only hammers that point home. 

And this isn't to say I don't enjoy what hosts like Fallon, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel do. But none of those guys are going to travel to Cuba to shoot remote segments. Conan's really the only one that does shoot remote segments like this anymore. And let's be clear: Letterman was the pioneer and influence for everything that Conan is doing now. And like Letterman, Conan has been able to maintain his eccentric and fearless voice. It didn't matter that NBC wouldn't let him be himself for The Tonight Show. He found another outlet to do the kind of show he wanted to do.

The Conan In Cuba segments I included below are indicative of what makes O'Brien so great. He's effortlessly funny. He isn't afraid to make a fool of himself. He's insanely creative and can improvise on the fly. But he also is puts a lot of heart into his work, and it's clear he wanted to meet as many people and soak up as much of the Cuban culture as he possibly could. That much is clear from the open to the show: 

And here are a couple more clips from his time in Cuba. ¡Viva Conan!

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