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The Walking Dead Season 5 Ep 12 Recap: Remember

by Photo of April Baptiste-Brown

The group can’t remember to forget how to survive in the apocalypse

The Walking Dead Season 5 Ep 12 Recap: Remember


On the last episode of AMC's The Walking Dead...*Announcer guy's voice at the beginning of the episodes*

We left our merry band of survivors outside the walls of a highly gated community by the name of Alexandria. Led there by the friendly neighborhood stranger Aaron and his overly enthusiastic boyfriend, the group has perhaps found the true sanctuary they've been looking for.

Please note, this episode takes place over the course of 3 days. So here's a play by play of each day (sorta...)

On the day that the group enters the community and step through the gates, they are immediately instructed to hand over their weapons (yeah right). However Aaron tells them that's not necessary as of yet, but that they are all required to have a one-on-one session with the head of the town, Deanna. (Therapy!)

One by one they each go into their (therapy) session with Deanna. She asks them if the meetings can be recorded and they allow it. Rick is the first one to be brought in.

Looking around the rather posh interior, Rick tells Deanna that she shouldn't let people into the community, that they need to preserve what they have. But Deanna insists (and since she used to be a politician she's rather persuasive) that the community needs people like Rick and the group. People that have spent significant amounts of time "out there" would be the only way everyone in the community would survive; their expertise was sorely needed since a large amount of the survivors within the walls had not stepped outside of the community since the apocalypse began. Rick agrees to the addition of the group staying (for the time being) and exits the session.

After their interviews, Aaron shows Rick and Carl to their new digs. The group is given two houses and they can pick which they want to live in. When Rick and Carl enter their house, it's immaculate. They get to clean up, shower and Rick shaves for the first time since...before the struggle began??? (Most likely since before the prison was overtaken.) After his shower and shave, there's a knock on the door and it's one of their neighbor's Jesse (is she a potential love interest? We shall see...unless you read the graphic novel...). She offers to cut Rick's hair and says that she has a son around the same age of Carl and that perhaps their boys should meet. Rick agrees.

Meanwhile, Daryl goes in for his session with Deanna...he's not very forthcoming.

Their first night in Alexandria, Deanna comes to visit Rick at his house and finds the entire group sleeping over. “Staying together,” she says, “Smart.” After the catastrophes of Woodbury and Terminus, the group's trust level is almost none existent. (If we didn't know that from when Rick almost beat Aaron's ass in the last episode, we sure as hell know that now.) Deanna tells the group the she's going to assign roles to each of them based on their skills and the things she's learned about them so far. She's pretty much got everyone figured out, but she's still on the brink with Sasha, Michonne and she's got no clue what to do with Daryl. After she leaves, everyone calls it a night. However Rick paces the house and grabs a butcher knife as refuses to let his guard down.

On Day 2, more of the group is interviewed by Deanna and each person reveals something different. Michonne says that the group is ready to join the community. Carl reflects on killing Lori. Glenn states that they were almost out there too long. Carol says she just wants to help where needed. Yet each member of the group cleans up and accepts what the community has to offer. Except Daryl. Daryl does not clean up. He does not shower. He does not pass go and collect $200. He stays dirty and lurking outside the house like a watchful guard dog. So when everyone decides to go out and explore the community, Daryl stays behind on the front porch, in his dirt.

During their tour of the town, Rick loses track of Carl and Judith (and also temporarily loses his mind), but runs into (guess who?) Jesse. She tries to calm him down, especially since Carl and Judith were being smothered in affection by an older couple around the block, however they should take this opportunity to introduce Carl to her son. Rick complies.

When Carl comes over to meet Jesse's son Ron, he also meets Ron's friends Mikey and Enid (a girl how exciting!). The boys suggest playing video games but honestly, Carl is in slight disbelief. I mean if you had killed your mom, nursed your dad back to health, reconnected with your baby sister and been living on the road for the last couple months, I'd say video games would be the last thing on your mind too. Carl agrees, but not before taking a nice long look at Enid (like father like son!).

Back at the house, Carl tells Rick that he likes everybody in Alexandria but that they're weak, and he's afraid they'll get weak too. (If he goes back to only playing video games, that is a strong possibility). Later that night however, when everyone is asleep, this time Rick and Michonne remain restless at the thought of completely assimilating to their new life. Rick decides to take a late night stroll when a stranger shrouded in darkness exclaims from their porch, "You're Rick right?" When Rick affirms, the stranger says, "My wife cut your hair...Welcome to Alexandria."

Ummm, ok creepy guy, aka Jesse's husband. I don't particularly remember Jesse mentioning that she had a husband (just a son). Maybe that's because all I'm getting from their encounters are underlying bouts of sexual tension mixed with southern hospitality. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

On the third and final day, when Carol comes out of the house looking like Betty Homemaker, in classic Daryl fashion he tells her that she looks stupid. Carol aptly advises Daryl to take a bath (well at least somebody said it!), but more importantly she tells him that they "need to keep up appearances". 

Meanwhile, Carl peeps Enid sneaking over the wall and decides to follow her, but by the time he tracks her into the forest, she's disappeared.

Rick on the other hand, decides to make a check of the wall's outer security. He doubles back to where he stashed a gun before they entered the community, but finds that it's missing (Did Enid take it? Are their strangers beyond the wall? Did a Walker need the gun for protection? Who knows). 

In a different area of the woods, Deanna's son Aiden and the wall guard Nicholas take Glenn, Tara and Noah out for a mock supply run. While they're out, Aiden reveals that the last time they ventured out, they lost 4 people because they freaked out and didn't listen. He insisted that the only rule they needed to follow out on runs was to listen to him (riiiiight...).

Aiden and Nicholas then displayed their complete and utter lack of expertise by attempting to recapture the Walker that killed their friends, and string it up. In the process however, the Walker attacks Tara, so Glenn kills it. Aiden is furious that they killed a Walker (seriously?), and by the time they get back into the community, they are in a full blown argument. When Aiden goes to take a swing at Glenn, Glenn punches him causing a mini scuffle that draws the attention of the pitbull (aka Daryl) and the rest of the gang. \

Deanna makes an announcement to all: that Rick and the group are apart of the community, no questions asked. Furthermore, she revealed that she would like Rick and Michonne to be the constables of Alexandria. They agree, Aiden and Nicholas walk off like a couple of little punks.

That evening at home, Rick comes downstairs in his constable uniform. He tells everyone that they can stay in separate houses now, however Carol states that she's worried they will become weak while in the community. Rick disagrees. They won't become weak because they're not capable of that. However if the people in Alexandria can't make it, then they'll just take Alexandria over. Awww snap.

So in essence, the group is complying with the rules of Alexandria (for now), Jesse might like Rick, Jesse's husband might hate Rick, Carl might like Enid, Aiden and Nicholas are dicks, Deanna is in charge, Michonne and Rick are the law, and Daryl is still dirty. Oh and the group will have no problem taking over Alexandria if its current residents fail to protect it.

What will happen on the next episode? I'm thinking some constable drama, but I'm fine with all of that. As long as Daryl promises to take a bath.

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