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Big Sean Counts His 'Blessings' in New Video Featuring Kanye West + Drake

by Photo of Mehak Massand

Big Sean releases the video for Blessings, and his latest album, ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ is number one on Billboard!

Big Sean Counts His 'Blessings' in New Video Featuring Kanye West + Drake

Big Sean, Drake, and Kanye West got together for the latest single, "Blessings" off of Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise, which was released on Feb. 24.

A day after the release of the video, Big Sean’s album, Dark Sky Paradise, takes the number one spot on Billboard 200! 

The clip is a strictly black-and-white video, with plenty of gray smoke. Big Sean played on his line: "I treat the beat like it’s a reverend / I tell the truth like father, forgive me / These are all my confessions" by showing a visual of the line. 

For most of his first verse of the song he is filmed in a confession booth with one version of himself rapping the song, and another version of himself as a father sitting on the other side, listening.

Meanwhile, Drake and Kanye West also appear in the video for their own verses. 

Big Sean’s second verse is shot on a long set of all-white stairs, where he plays on his lines referencing Heaven. "At the top of the rap game and progressin', as well as the chorus of the song: I’m way up, I feel blessed."

Check out the video for "Blessings" below!

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