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Lady Gaga Is Perfect for 'American Horror Story: Hotel' and Here's Why

by Photo of Theodore Liggians

Lady Gaga’s inclusion in the newest season of AHS is a perfect fit and we have the visual proof!

Lady Gaga Is Perfect for 'American Horror Story: Hotel' and Here's Why

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Lady Gaga might seem like a surprising addition to the next season of American Horror Story because of her recent transition away from shock and abnormality. But if the image above does not convince you that she is one of the best choices for the next season, Hotel, then we’ll remind you of more of her unique looks to convince you.

When speaking about must-watch television shows it's difficult to deny American Horror Story's bizarre style mixed with terror and grit. Gaga will not be the first musician that has appeared on screen with Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and the many faces that we’re used to seeing each season. In the second season, Asylum, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine was featured on the show for three episodes.

His presence might have been short-lived but hopefully Gaga’s will not be. With her expertise and background in strange and shocking appearances, like the raw meat dress that she donned for the 2010 MTV VMAs, she finally steps into a fitting a role on the show that has been waiting for her since the first season. AHS has built itself on the creepy oddities that cannot be matched, so it was only right to cast someone who is capable of adding another dose of the bizarre for the upcoming season.

If you forgot how strange Gaga can be and what made her the perfect person to join the show, here are some of her outlandish looks to remind you:

Don't forget, she also performed a strange immaculate conception scene during her performance of "Born This Way" on Saturday Night Live. I'm sure AHS can top it, but wow that was weird:

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