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ShipRocked 2015 - The Best of Otherwise

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Otherwise rocked the boat and the beach on this year’s ShipRocked!

ShipRocked 2015 - The Best of Otherwise

In this article…

Otherwise took hold of ShipRocked 2015 as they rocked out aboard the Norwegian Pearl with two performances and some very interesting beach action in the Bahamas.

The band performed two awesome sets one the ship, one in the very intimate Spinnaker Lounge and the other on the Atrium Stage. The Vegas boys provided some heavy riffs and gave ShipRockers a rock show to remember.

When we stopped in the Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas Otherwise not only hung out on the beach for a meet and greet with their fans but they also had some fun with Beach Wars. Each member of Otherwise was a captain for some awesome beach activities with fans.

Let’s just say the team that won it all (all meaning a massive amount of booze) was called Slap-a-Titty…we have no idea why or how this team got its name.

With everyone now being on land, we can't wait to see Otherwise on the road with 10 Years, be sure to check CHARGED for all of you tickets to rock shows!

Check Out Otherwise Rocking Out in the Atrium Stage:

Photos of Otherwise Beach Meet and Greets:

Otherwise in Beach Wars:

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