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Derrick Rose is Hurt Again

by Photo of Ankit Ahuja

With another torn meniscus, Derrick Rose will never be the same.

Derrick Rose is Hurt Again

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Not again. Not three straight years. This was on the mind of the basketball world last night when news broke that Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose had torn his meniscus again. 

Rose, the guy who we all thought was going to be the new face of basketball just three years ago, might be the face of a guy who had injuries derail a career that looked so bright. He was an MVP in 2011, and it has all been downhill since. He tore his ACL the following year in the playoffs, and subsequently missed the entire following season. After returning from the ACL last year, Rose only appeared in 10 games, before he tore his meniscus. Now, after playing 46 games, Rose’s knee gave out once again.

Although no timetable has been given for Rose on this new injury, one cannot expect him to come back from this just this year. He most likely will have to end his season early again, as bad luck has just got the best of him. One can’t help but feel for Rose. A guy with so much talent being derailed by knee injuries is sad. Instead of being mentioned with the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, he will be mentioned with talented but injured guys like Brandon Roy and Grant Hill. 

Now the question turns to Rose’s team, the Bulls. The Bulls have competed this past three seasons without Rose, but one has to question if the Bulls have enough talent to compete hang with the likes of Cleveland and Atlanta. This is no doubt the most talented team coach Tom Thibodeau has had, but the latest loss of Rose just might be too big. They still have a good core with All-Stars Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah, but Rose was the wild card with this team. He could often be erratic and unproductive, but when Rose had it going, the Bulls were a completely different team.

Rose hasn't been able to return to his MVP form since that first injury. He’s averaging 18.4 points and 5 assists a game, which are still very decent numbers, but they are not DERRICK ROSE numbers. He still looked hesitant and wasn’t as confident as he usually was. The worst part about this injury, though, is the timing of it. It finally seemed like Rose was overcoming those issues and really getting his feet under him. We were seeing flashes of the Derrick Rose of old. 

Maybe it’s not meant to be for Rose, but do not count him out. Rose has shown that he can come back from these injuries. He has been through this before, and he will be back from this one too. The hurdle is if he can be a big contributor for the Bulls going forward. It is unlikely they compete for a title this year, but with Gasol getting older, Jimmy Butler entering free agency, and the potential departure of Tom Thibodeau looming, there are a lot of questions. Rose will be back, but now it is more and more likely we are never going to see the MVP Derrick Rose. 

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