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March 2015 Movie Preview: Chappie, Cinderella, Insurgent, Run All Night, Get Hard + More

by Photo of Theodore Liggians

You might not want to sleep on the movies coming out this month.

March 2015 Movie Preview: Chappie, Cinderella, Insurgent, Run All Night, Get Hard + More

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March is going to hold a handful of familiar film titles that will cause some commotion in theaters for a few weekends. Films such as Chappie and These Final Hours are just two out of many movies that are going to have buzz, not from the mainstream. but through word-of-mouth when they are in theaters.

Check out some movies that you may want to check out this month, behold out March movie preview below!


Chappie will quickly diverge from the path of movies that held artificial intelligence  at its epicenter. In the future, where crime is patrolled by an oppressive robots one of the patrolling robots is stolen and reprogrammed. When Chappie (Sharlto Copley) reboots with his new programming he discovers his new human-like programming. Once the government discovers how closely Chappie appears to be to humans, he is considered a threat and hunted down to be reprogrammed.

With District 9 director Neil Blomkamp behind the movie and Copley tagging along for another adventure as well as Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and Dev Patel (just to name a few).

Chappie will plead his case as to why he shouldn’t be reprogrammed in theaters March 6.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Dev Patel stars in another film, as the character Sonny who is facing a problem when The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful only has one vacancy left. This is when he chooses to start up The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The only problem is that he must balance managing the hotel and preparing for the traditional Indian wedding that has been inching closer. Amongst the first people that stay in the new hotel are Guy (Richard Gere) and Lavinia (Tamsin Greig), Evelyn (Judy Dench) and Douglas (Bill Nighy), and many others with their messy intertwined relationships.

You’ll be able to catch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in theaters March 6 if you decide not to see Chappie.

These Final Hours

If imminent death was headed your way and you only had a day left to live, what would you do before death reached you? In These Final Hours James (Nathan Phillips) is going to the “party to end all parties” to join his girlfriend and numb himself as the world comes to an end. 

Instead of going to the party and doing almost every drug known to man, he saves a little girl from her captors and spends his last hours trying to help her find her father.

These Final Hours will be shown in limited theaters March 6.

Home Sweet Hell

Patrick Wilson is back in another comedic role for Home Sweet Hell. His character, Don, is married to Mona Champagne (Kathryn Heigl), a dull woman who schedules when they will have sex and shows no emotion when speaking to Don. This boring life leads Don to his affair with the new hire at his job, Dusty (Jordana Brewster).

Hell hath no fury like a woman's score, when Mona finds out she forces him to kill, the other woman,Dusty. Mona steps away from her storybook life to become the psycho that will do anything to keep her like the way she desires it.

Wilson has made a name for himself with more serious roles in  Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2 and The Conjuring. He has done a couple comedies that may have been overlooked, perhaps Home Sweet Hell could be the movie to break the chain.

Home Sweet Hell will be in select theaters March 13.


The Disney princess everyone has grown up with is being re-done in the new Cinderella movie. This live action re-make will definitely take advantage of graphics and newer film technology, appealing to some of the newer yet younger movie-goers out there.

Cinderella's cast has a few familiar faces, starring as the mistreated step-daughter turned princess is Downton Abbey’s Lily James, Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother, Richard Madden as Prince Charming and Hayley Atwell as the mean step-mother.

Cinderella will be in theaters for families to see March 13.

Run All Night

Now that Liam Neeson has finally finished his run as Bryan Mills in the Taken series he can deliver a serious can of whoop ass to more people in Run All Night. When Jimmy (Neeson) shoots his former boss, Shawn’s (Ed Harris), he has to protect his own son from being murdered out of revenge. Shawn sends swarms of his hired guns after Jimmy and his son since he knows that Jimmy will not be able to take them all (he must have forgotten who Liam Neeson is).

Surprisingly, this movie looks more interesting than Taken despite its close ties to it in theme. Liam Neeson AND Ed Harris, that's too much badass-ness for one film and we can't wait to see it.

Run All Night speeds into theaters on March 13.


The second movie in the Divergent series, Insurgent, is making its way to theaters this month and the trailer looks pretty awesome. Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) take on the challenge of finding out what her family sacrificed themselves for and why the Erudites are hell-bent on stopping them. 

The duo will find allies that are willing to help them stand up against and ward the Erudites off in the ruins of Chicago.This sequel looks to follow in the footsteps of its prequel with great opening weekend numbers and stealing the show.

Insurgent is going to bring Woodley and James back to the big screen March 20.

Get Hard

Get Hard is going to bring two comedy giants, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, together for a wild ride that includes Ferrell walking through the hood in baggy clothing. James (Ferrell) has just been found guilty for fraud and is headed to serve his time in San Quentin prison when he asks Darnell (Hart) to teach him how to survive in prison. Darnell has never been incarcerated but he plays along for the money that James is promising.

Hart has always used his height as the source of his comedic performance in movies but this time he is trying to put it in to full effect with scenes of Ferrell using his as weight to bench press and curl. The two make one of the most peculiar mixes since they come from two different sides of comedy. Ferrell’s more vocal based comedy serves as a comedic force that is going to compliment (but also contrast) against Hart’s more physical comedy.

Get Hard will be in theaters March 27.


DreamWorks Animation is going to deliver an adorable story about a loveable alien. Oh (Jim Parsons), who is on the run from his people and finds himself on Earth. Here he finds an unexpected friendship with a girl, Tip (Rihanna). Through their adventures they begin to swap each other’s perspective and teach each other what “home” means.

Home is the adorable movie that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can watch this movie with your family or embrace your inner child.

Home is going to bring Oh and Tip’s adventures to theaters March 27.

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