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The End of Carmelo Anthony (For This Season)

by Photo of Mehak Massand

Carmelo Anthony will be resting for the remainder of this season.

The End of Carmelo Anthony (For This Season)

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Carmelo Anthony is due for knee surgery in the “near future,” which will put an end to his 2014-2015 season with the New York Knicks.

On Feb. 9, 2015 when the Knicks played the Heat, Anthony left in the fourth quarter to re-tape his left knee due to his on-again, off-again soreness. Since then, Anthony has missed several games, but occasionally continued to play, scoring over 30 points multiple times.

Anthony has been unsure of his decision to call it quits for the remainder of this season, but he’s said in several interviews that it was “very likely” that he would after the All-Star Break, which is precisely how things turned out. Anthony played 30 minutes in Sunday's All-Star Game, and now he will opt for season-ending surgery.

Anthony’s decision is based off of his idea that the sooner he gets his surgery done, the sooner he’ll be back on court: “If I have it done now I will for sure be back for camp,” said Anthony to CBS Sports. “But this is something I would take slowly and not try to rush. But from what I am hearing, if I was to get it done sooner than later, then I will be back to my kind of regular working out schedule in the summertime.”

Hopefully, Anthony’s decision to leave midseason doesn’t hurt the Knicks too much, but then again, the Knicks won’t make it to the playoffs even if Anthony stays for the remainder of the season. If anything, Anthony's decision helps their odds of finishing the season to acquire the top pick in this year's NBA Draft.

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