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The Top 10 Performers we'd like to see at Super Bowl 50

by Photo of Sean Driscoll

Here’s our wish list of performers for the Golden Super Bowl in 2016.

The Top 10 Performers we'd like to see at Super Bowl 50

Editor's Note: I would like to see Daft Punk turn Levi's Stadium in San Francisco into a huge 12-minute dance party, but my vote might have to go to Weird Al Yankovic performing a gigantic parody of every Super Bowl performance ever. Just let that idea sink in. - Ross

This year's Super Bowl was packed full of excitement, having everything from dancing sharks to last-minute interceptions, and let's not forget, Missy FREAKING Elliot. While I was very pleased to see my hometown favorite New England Patriots come away with a victory, the annual spectacle of the halftime show managed to bring as much excitement as the football game.      

But now that the confetti has settled and the dancing sharks have left the stage, it's time to start thinking about what will come next year. Next year's Super Bowl will mark the 50th championship game played under that title, so you know the NFL is going to want to blow this out. Everyone is calling this the "Golden Super Bowl" (since any 50th anniversary is celebrated with gold) and will even drop the traditional Roman numerals to go as Super Bowl 50. 

Considering the scope of the even and the potential magnitude of an occasion like this, here are the Top 10 acts that could create an unforgettable Halftime Show for Super Bowl 50. 

1) Taylor Swift

First she won over the country music crowd. Now she has taken over New York City and the pop world. Could the Super Bowl be Taylor Swifts next conquest? With a catalog of hits, her newfound pop confidence, and her massive audience appeal, choosing Swift would guarantee a memorable, quality performance. 

2) Kanye West


Controversial. Outspoken. Supremely talented. Say what you want about the man, Kanye West knows how to put on a show. While the halftime show might not be the best venue for his trademark rants, it would be the perfect place to remind the American public on his long list of hit songs. What's the worst that could happen? 

3) Daft Punk

The hottest robotic musicians this planet has ever seen, Daft Punk's music was made to fill stadiums. Coming off their biggest album to date, Random Access Memories, without a supporting tour yet, the Super Bowl Halftime show would be the perfect opportunity for the men behind the masks to showcase their talent live to millions of people. 

4) Rihanna  

One of the reigning queens of pop, Rihanna would surely deliver a dynamic and sexy performance. This Barbados babe is already a self-professed sports fan, showing up court side at NBA games and on the sidelines of the World Cup. It would make perfect sense to have her perform at America's favorite sporting event. 

5) Fleetwood Mac  

Having recently reunited to have the classic lineup back together, Fleetwood Mac performing the Super Bowl Halftime show would be the ultimate victory lap. Their performance would hopefully be lined with Stevie Nicks shawls and steely glances between band members set to a classic song like "Rhiannon" that made this band legendary. 

6) Justin Timberlake  

One of the longest reigning pop stars of our time, Justin Timberlake could most likely perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show any year and guarantee an amazing performance. He definitely deserves the stage for this iconic event, and who wouldn't want to see NSYNC performing again at the Super Bowl. Plus, enough time has passed between now and that infamous Janet Jackson halftime incident...     

7) Foo Fighters


Having been Fighting Foo for over twenty years, Dave Grohl can command stadium wide sing-a-longs like the respected rock god that he is. If we are truly lucky, Krist Novoselic would be invited to blast through a few Nirvana classics as well, but please, no hologram Kurt Cobain. 

8) AC/DC  

A 60 year old British man in a schoolboys uniform doesn't sound like a recipe for entertainment, but Angus Young and the lads of AC/DC could bring the old school rock and roll that has been missing from the Halftime show in recent years. Plus, both teams would be guaranteed to be pumped up for the second half after hearing AC/DC. 

9) Lady Gaga

America would be guaranteed a extravagant spectacle with at least three highly absurd, instantly iconic costumes if Lady Gaga was chosen for the spot. A talented live performer, her unique and unmatched style would make for a classic show. 

10) Jay Z

While Jay has been lying low and letting his wife carry the torch recently, his unrivaled confidence and classic jams would ensure that he could command an epic performance at the Super Bowl. If we are REALLY lucky, he'll invite Mrs. Carter to provide him some assistance. 

Who do you want to see perform at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show? Let us know in the comments section!

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