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Alexandra Scott on CHARGED.fm LIVE

by Photo of Natalie Sacks

This charming country/folk singer stole our hearts with ‘Coney Island Baby.’

Alexandra Scott's most recent album, I Love You So Much Always, is dedicated to nine people who died in the three years before making it. This country/folk songstress has gone through some tough times, from fleeing Hurricane Katrina to the relationships that inspired the album, but you would hardly guess it from her effervescent personality.

With bright red hair and an even brighter smile, Alexandra charmed us with "Coney Island Baby" from I Love You So Much Always. As with any of her songs, this one comes with a story. She wrote it after getting stuck in a friend's Brooklyn apartment during a snowstorm, reading through the CD liner notes of Lou Reed's album Coney Island Baby

Alexandra Scott on CHARGED.fm LIVE

"I read them maybe three times," she told us. "They talk about Lou Reed being so broke that his roadies took all his guitars because he didn't have any money to pay them, and so he went to his label and asked for money to make just one more record, and they said, 'Fine, as long as you promise not to make "Metal Machine Music Part 2."' It struck a chord with me, reading about Lou Reed having to beg anyone for money to make a record. The song's not directly about Lou Reed--it's also about how every version of the devil I've ever met has been a charmer, and I think that's much scarier than a big fanged monster."

Alexandra's unique brand of contemporary country, an underground style she has nicknamed "dream-a-billy," provides slow, wistful odes that you can't help but sway along to. I Love You So Much Always is available on iTunes or on her Bandcamp, so check it out. We can't wait to see what this soulful singer/songwriter comes out with next.

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