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John Frusciante Releases 'After Below' from Next Album 'Trickfinger'

by Photo of Marianna Giusti

John Frusciante releases new single in anticipation of his upcoming album release.

John Frusciante Releases 'After Below' from Next Album 'Trickfinger'

Trickfinger, John Frusciante’s alter ego, has announced the release of his self-titled album on April 7. The announcement of the new "acid house" album late last week was accompanied by the release of its single, "After Below." The album will come out under the label Acid Test for Frusciante's foray into the electronic music genre.

This is the first time that rock idol Frusciante has grappled with acid house, one of the very few genres he still hasn’t tackled. The artist admits a growing appreciation of electronic music from as early as 2009, though only recently have his experiments come together in the eight track studio album.

It's certainly a surprise for the former Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mars Volta guitarist. Frusciante declared that his skills at making rock music did not interfere with its latest creation:

"I started being serious about following my dream to make electronic music, and to be my own engineer, five years ago. For the ten years prior to that, I had been playing guitar along with a wide range of different types of programmed synthesizer and sample-based music, emulating what I heard as best as I could. I found that the languages machines forced programmers to think in had caused them to discover a new musical vocabulary.

"In 2007," he says, "I started to learn how to program all the instruments we associate with acid house music and some other hardware. For about seven months I didn’t record anything. Then I started recording, playing ten or so synced machines through a small mixer into a CD burner. This was all experimental acid house, my skills at making rock music playing no part in it whatsoever. I had lost interest in traditional songwriting and I was excited about finding new methods for creating music. I’d surround myself with machines, program one and then another and enjoy what was a fascinating process from beginning to end."

Check out the single "After Below":

Here is the track list for upcoming album Trickfinger

1. After Below
2. Before Above
03. Rainover
04. Sain
05. Exlam
06. 85h
07. 4:30
08. Phurip

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