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MTV Has Swag

by Photo of Jillian Ryan

MTV is splashing some swag in Virgina with the tour that features Drake, Fabolous and Soulja Boy

MTV Has Swag

Have you been thinking summer has been moving so quickly and before it comes to a close you just have to hit a concert or two? Wondering where can you see big name artists and party like a rock star? Three words, MTV Summer Swag! Its the only action packed concert full of today's talented artists. Not only is MTV good for having some great reality television or playing the most popular music video's, but they also bring those artists to a stage near you.

If your in the Virgina area then this one is espically for you and if your in the surrounding area's come out let Virgina show you how they party with these big named stars providing the entertainment. DJ Babey Drew, better know as Chris Brown's tour DJ will be hosting the event. The talented DJ will be spinning some of the hottest tracks and turning the Norfolk Arena into a certified party zone.

Get your tickets to support local acts and up and coming hip-hop artists in and around the area. The concert will then feature major recording artists Drake, Soulja Boy, and Fabolous. Hear several number one hits  from each artist such as "Marvins Room","No Hands" or "Throw It In The Bag". Oh and artists don't travel alone so who knows who else may end up making a guest appearance at this show. Perhaps some other Young Money members will bless the stage, who knows but do you really want to be the one out of the loop when your friends are discussing the the performances or better yet how great the seats were? No? Well cool just Let Charged.fm get you the best seats to the show.

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