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H&M and Coachella Team Up for New Fashion Line

by Photo of Marianna Giusti

H&M designs a new line with the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in mind.

H&M and Coachella Team Up for New Fashion Line

Some Coachella lovers know well that there’s more to life than music (sometimes). Thanks to H&M, Coachella concert-goers can now purchase a clothing line designed specifically for the occasion, while rocking out during the Spring festival.

H&M has aptly named this partnership “H&M loves Coachella” and it seems that they really do! The preview anticipates items for the perfect outfit to make a festival appearance in great style: fringes, lace, wide-leg pants and crop-tops. But the boys won’t be left out, with plans to release graphic t-shirts and shorts.

The prices for the products will range from 4.95$ to 49.95$. The line will appear for sale in over 350 American retails, from March 19 and in H&M shops all over the world only a week later.

For those of you who will not make it to the packed H&M stores, the clothing company prepared a plan B, and will set up stands and shops on the grounds of Coachella 2015, selling exclusive apparel and accessories.

Now no one will be caught off guard in boring garments thanks to H&M. Fashion savy fans can attend the festival featuring the hottest (and some of the most well dressed) contemporary artists, as Jack White, Drake, Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, Tame Impala and legendary rock act AC/DC, just to name a few.

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