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Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode Against the Arizona Cardinals

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Lynch ripped off a remarkable 79-yard run as the Seahawks again look like a team to beat.

Marshawn Lynch pulled off another astonishing run last night during the Seattle Seahawks' demoralizing 35-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals. I'm not really sure how he continues to do it, either. 

Lynch was limited going into yesterday's game because of stomach issues. He was even vomiting on the sideline because of his illness. Pete Carroll limited his snaps, but Lynch still had a little magic left in him. After Seattle had increased their lead to 21-6, Lynch put the early nail in the coffin with a huge 79-yard touchdown run that rivals his outburst against the Saints in the playoffs back in 2011. Lynch maneuvered through the holes in the line before busting it out towards the right sideline. It looked like cornerback Patrick Peterson had a beat on him, but a Lynch stiff-arm took care of that. Then, Lynch bulldozed over another defender and miraculously stayed inbounds. After that, he was off to the races for the impressive score.

Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode Against the Arizona Cardinals

Perhaps even more amazing were Lynch's postgame comments to reporters. Lynch has been famously curt and non-responsive with the media all season, but offered up a few more expressive answers this time around. Via Lana Berry:

But all kidding aside, that's a very special run by a player that is making them seem normal or almost expected. Plays like these are why you go to the games, because it's so much better live.

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