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Terrence Ross Dunks All Over the Knicks

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Two huge Terrence Ross dunks helped the Raptors beat the Knicks in style.

Terrence Ross Dunks All Over the Knicks

When is the last time a dinosaur took flight? You'd probably guess the Mesozoic era, or specifically the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous ages. You would be incorrect. A dinosaur happened to fly yesterday during a basketball game up in Canada.

Yesterday, the Toronto Raptors handily defeated the New York Knicks 118-108. During the victory, Raptors guard Terrence Ross threw down two monster dunks against the Knicks to help Toronto get the win with style. The first dunk came midway through the first quarter. Off his own missed shot, Ross received a quick no-look pass on the offensive rebound from Jonas Valanciunas that led to a wide open lane. Needless to say, he knew what to do from there:

His most impressive dunk of the game came in the third quarter. Off a long miss by the Knicks, Ross leaked out and got a great outlet pass from point guard Kyle Lowry. Without dribbling, Ross corralled the ball and took off from a few feet inside the three point line. It was pretty breathtaking.

You could almost say he was less Raptor and more Pterodactyl on that one. I'll let myself out after that one.

With the win, Toronto moved to 22-6 and remain the top team in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks fell to 5-25.

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