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The Whiskey Sessions 2014 Year in Review

by Photo of Natalie Sacks

Pancakes and Whiskey branched out this year at CMJ by taking on a series of music sessions.

The Whiskey Sessions 2014 Year in Review

Our partners over at Pancakes and Whiskey are connoisseurs of the music scene in New York City today. In addition to being expert journalists and event curators in the world of indie music, this year they have been branching out with a live music series all their own: the Whiskey Sessions. 

Taking over a space in the Hotel on Rivington, these Whiskey Sessions pulled something new out of the eminent CMJ music festival and conference. These sessions, coming out in the weeks following the festival, have brought the fun and creative energy of the CMJ showcases right to your screen for a series of thrilling performances. Check out our year in review of Pancakes and Whiskey's 2014 sessions.

Horse Thief, "Little Dust"

Horse Thief is an Oklahoma City based band, with a rock/country sound reminiscent of the wide-open spaces of America’s Midwest. The young crew stripped down for this session to just an acoustic guitar, bass and tambourine to show off their nostalgic charm. This psychedelic folk-rock band is currently in Europe touring on their second LP, Fear In Bliss.

Colony House, "Silhouettes"

Colony House is one of our favorites here at CHARGED.fm--they have a CHARGED.fm LIVE session coming up soon as well. Fresh off their CMJ appearance this year, these Tennessee rockers played catchy tune “Silhouettes,” stripped down to a few acoustic instruments and a keyboard. Their infectious, upbeat sound comes through in any set-up, proving that they are clearly an act to watch out for. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of their LIVE session!

Parlour Tricks, "The Storm"

Adorable sextet Parlour Tricks have been one of Pancakes and Whiskey's favorite local New York City groups for a few years, so they were a fantastic addition to the Whiskey Sessions. Their unique sound and confident presence make them rising stars in the indie music scene, and their single "The Storm" certainly proves it. This session also features an exclusive interview with several members of the band.

Have Mercy, "Pawn Takes Rook"

Alternative indie band Have Mercy took "stripped down acoustic" to an extreme, playing the beautiful track "Pawn Takes Rook" from recent album A Place of Our Own with just two acoustic guitars during their CMJ week. The Baltimore crew's mellow sound is perfectly showcased by the rainy view just outside the window of the Hotel on Rivington penthouse interspersed throughout the video.

Ballet School, "Boys Again"

Ballet School is a firmly international band with ties to the Berlin DIY culture. Irish born Rosie Blair and Japanese-Brazilian guitarist Michel Collet began the collaboration, later adding drummer Louis McGuire to form a pop trio with heavy 80s pop influences. The ephemeral vocals and heavily reverberating guitar create a sound that is out of this world, always on the edge of something innovative and new. With just the original duo, "Boys Again" is an enchanting track, and a fitting conclusion to the CMJ Whiskey Sessions.

Can't get enough of the Whiskey Sessions? There are plenty more on Pancakes and Whiskey, from Walking Shapes to Semi Precious Weapons. It has been a great year for sessions for our friends at P&W, so make sure to check them all out. We can't wait for the next video to come out.

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