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Black Light White Light Vocalist and Guitarist Martin Ejlertsen Talks New Album Gold Into Dreams

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

SInger and Guitarist of Black Light White Light chats about new disc.

Black Light White Light Vocalist and Guitarist Martin Ejlertsen Talks New Album Gold Into Dreams

European indie rock act Black Light White Light have unveiled their new album Gold Into Dreams. With their psychedelic and groovy tunes, Black Light White Light have combined numerous genres to create an original sound. We had the pleasure of interviewing Black Light White Light’s vocalist and guitarist Martin Ejlertsen, check it out below:

Gold Into Dreams, talk about this title and what it means to you personally.

The title track is a lullaby written for my baby daughter, at the time. It's about life changing moments like that, where dreams and reality seems to melt together, so it's hard to say which is what. The song is sweet and quiet, it’s still grand and it roars and distort underneath, like life itself. In that way, the song really captures the core and mood of the record from which all the other songs spin around.

How was the overall recording and creative process for you on this record?

I had written all the songs and made demos of them which I presented to the band first and then to producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith, who came to Denmark to work with us. We used this pretty raw demo material as a foundation to work from in the studio. We only did one rehearsal session with Chris before entering the studio. We didn't want to overload the songs with fixed ideas before starting to actually record them. Instead, we went into the studio free and ready to follow whatever path the songs would lead us when we'd start playing them live. I loved that direction and the result we got.

Talk about some of your musical influences and what inspired you when you first gravitated towards music.

I grew up in a home full of music, mainly listening to rock and pop music from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Picking up the guitar around the age of 10, The Beatles was the thing for me and has been that since. From an early age I learned the magic of how playing music can gather people around you free for age, background and culture. The guys in the band are rooted in quite different music from 1960's beat, 1990s shoegaze, to jazz, soul and even hardcore hip hop. Black Light White Light is much tape about mixing psychedelic and melodic pop with shoegaze, tremolo and reverb. As if you wanted to do your own mixtape blending your musical favorites from the 1960s with the 1990s, a new prescription with a recognizable taste.

In the band’s bio it states, “We step into the light whenever it is dark.” Care to elaborate on this?

It's much about embracing the dark moods and moments, and bringing them into the music as well as in the lyrics; embracing the difficulties instead of trying to escape them in that way clears my mind. It brings you out on the other side. I like to work and play around with the duality of good and evil, darkness and light and so on. That's how the idea for the band name occurred. And that has been the main core of what Black Light White Light is all about. I like to try and write good pop melodies and hooky songs but with an edge, an undercurrent of something sinister and perhaps inexplicable. Like a David Lynch movie.

The rock music scene in Sweden and Denmark is incredibly interesting. How was it growing up in Europe, talk about where you’re from and the music scene there.

Growing up in this part of the world, I've found the music scene in Denmark to be much about trying to copy and live up to musical movements from especially the U.S. and UK. Sweden has always been good at doing its own thing, creating fantastic pop music. As the internet kept growing and the music industry as we have known started to fall apart, it seems like Danish bands and artists have been freed from such cultural restraints. Of course we still build upon the same musical history and follow closely what is coming along, but today it's much more about doing your own thing than trying to copy a grunge or a brit pop band. There are quite a lot of interesting movements and bands popping up these days, gaining interested abroad which was impossible 10 years ago.

These days I find Denmark really obtains Sweden when it comes to new interesting artists. There was a time not too long ago when that thought would have been considered madness. That really lifted the bar for creativity and eventually for quality. It's just really sad that the media, both radio and TV has totally given up on following and supporting that movement. Instead, they seem to focus 99% on dumb, bad plastic pop that’s forgotten tomorrow. It even seems to be getting worse and I do not understand what that's about. To me that is basically musical dumping from public service media, which leaves a whole generation of illiterate when it comes to music. That's so sad in a time where it could be so good - probably better than ever.

What are your future aspirations for Black Light White Light?

First, it would be to get the band in both old and new cities to share our music with people. Being on the road is hard work but it’s also very rewarding. We are going to create more music, I am working on new songs and already in thoughts on how a new album should sound, or whether it's even going to be an album. We'll see. It's really about moving forward being sure you are bringing the past safely with you.

As far as the near future, what can we expect from the band for 2015?

We are heading to the UK for our first smaller tour since the new release. Now also working on what's to happen further for us in 2015 getting out there to present the new album live, looking people in the eyes, showing them we really mean this. I like people to come to our shows, having a good time, hopefully buying an album with them back home, to support us and to treasure that moment. Hopefully that album will give them other good moments to come.

You can purchase your copy of the new album Gold Into Dreams here and for all of your tickets to indie concert tickets, check CHARGED!

Check out Black Light White Light's In Studio Video "High Like a Hurricane":

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