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Who will be the New York Jets next Quarterback?

by Photo of Josh Bombart

With Michael Vick and Geno Smith underperforming will there be a quarterback change in NY?

Who will be the New York Jets next Quarterback?

With the New York Jets coming off yet another disappointing season (record sits at 2-11), there are many positions on the team that will be vacant for the upcoming 2015 season. It is almost certain that the Rex Ryan regime will be entirely terminated at the end of the season. The Jets are currently battling NFL teams with the worst records to possibly obtain the top picks in next years draft. Even if the Jets don't get to choose first, it should not matter as teams have different positional needs. The biggest position in question for the Jets is undoubtedly quarterback. This season the Jets have tried both their former 39th overall pick Geno Smith and seasoned veteran and ex Pro-Bowler Michael Vick at the helm. There has been little success with either one of them and the Jets are often referred to as a circus and not a first class sports franchise. 

The last quarterback who showed promise for the Jets was Mark Sanchez, who led the Jets to back to back AFC championship games in only his first two years in the league. The next two years for Sanchez would be the complete opposite as he is often remembered for his notorious but-fumble. That being said, Sanchez has been able to revamp his image as a replacement QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, who are currently 3rd in the NFC.

Sanchez's newfound success brings up the notion that Geno Smith's days as a starting quarterback are not exactly numbered. Playing in a new system with new leadership could prove to be beneficial for the young quarterback and could potentially salvage his stint in NYC. Even Michael Vick could prove to be useful as it was only five years ago that he was named the comeback player of the year. While Smith's and Vick's careers may not be completely in jeopardy, the Jets will most likely be looking to clean out their closet, ridding themselves of anyone who can be associated with the teams losing culture. 

Without any notable quarterbacks on the free agent market, this leaves the Jets with two options: drafting current Oregon Ducks Heisman front runner Marcus Mariota or drafting previous Florida State Seminoles Heisman winner Jameis Winston. At the moment most sports analysts have Mariota as the best option for the Jets moving forward. Mariota is the clear favorite as the first quarterback to be drafted off the big board. Winston may rival Mariota as far as talent is concerned but his off the the field issues makes him a very questionable pick. The Jets only concern is the Tennessee Titans taking interest in Mariota as they also need a quarterback.

The quarterback position is regarded as the most important position on the field and has the power to change the face of a franchise. Quarterbacks coming out of college are expected to be able to step right in and contribute. This is a relatively a new formula as in years past, rookie quarterbacks were often used as backups and given time to learn an offensive system. In today's NFL that is clearly not the case as quarterbacks such as Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, and Matthew Stafford have all started at quarterback since playing their first games in the league. All of these listed quarterbacks have also led their teams to playoffs. 

But there are also big misses. Just recently, players like EJ Emanuel and even Robert Griffin III have fallen out of favor after poor play. Can Marcus Mariota be the football messiah that Jets fans have been desperately waiting for? They need to get him first, and they seem like they will be in a great position to land Mariota or Winston. But in a league that it is dominated by quarterback play, he definitely seems to fit the mold for New York.

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