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Cam Newton Involved in Car Accident [UPDATE]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Newton suffered two transverse process fractures in his lower back after a two-car crash..

Cam Newton Involved in Car Accident [UPDATE]

In this article…

UPDATE: The Panthers official Twitter account issued an update on Newton's status and revealed that the quarterback suffered two transverse process fractures in his lower back. He did not sustain any further internal injuries. Here is how Sport Injury Clinic defines the injury:

A transverse process fracture is quite a rare injury. It usually results from a sudden extreme twisting or side bending movement. Occasionally it may be due to a direct impact to the process itself, although they are pretty well covered by muscle to this is not common.

Because of the location of the fracture it is unlikely to cause any instability of the spine or any damage to the spinal cord.

Tony Romo suffered the same injury during a game earlier this season and returned the next week, but the severity of Newton's injury and whether it is comparable to Romo's hasn't been confirmed. Max Henson tweeted that he's heard the injuries are similar. It isn't quite so severe, but any kind of back injuries are going to be lingering, even if Newton doesn't have to miss much time. - Ross

Scary news out of Charlotte as reports have come out that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a serious car accident. The Carolina Observer first reported the news.

Newton's car was overturned during the accident, and the star quarterback was put on a stretcher, moved to an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Not many details have surfaced yet, but there will surely be updates concerning Newton's health on their way. The scene around the accident does not look good. Here's a photo from the Observer's Jonathan Jones of Newton being put on a stretcher. Jones is on the scene and sharing photos and videos:

When more news becomes available we will update the post. For now, our thoughts are with Cam and his family and friends.

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