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Demetri Martin Heads to New Zealand

by Photo of Michelle Bair

The American comic plans to leave the country this summer to share his humor with New Zealanders.

Demetri Martin Heads to New Zealand

He is a New York artist, actor, writer, musician and comedian all drizzled atop a delicious stand-up sundae.  He has appeared on David Letterman, written for Conan O’Brien and played hundreds of shows, most of which were with Upright Citizens Brigade. He has also received the high-status Perrier Comedy Award.  Known for his one-liners, far-reaching wordplay, drawings on a huge notepad and complementing his jokes with music, Demetri Martin is heading to New Zealand this summer for a couple shows.  He will be performing in Wellington and Auckland on August 28th and 29th.

Martin is best recognized for his career as a contributor on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a stand-up comedian and his Comedy Central Show “Important Things With Demetri Matrin.”

He tends to tell his jokes with a guitar, ukulele, piano, keyboard, harmonica, toy bells—and sometimes all at once.  Martin makes regular appearances as the Senior Youth Correspondent for The Daily Show, inspired by Steven Wright, Steve Martin and Mitch Hedberg. He also found success with Flight of the Conchords and a 2009 film called “Taking Woodstock.”

Catch Martin before he leaves the country at the end of August! He is in the process of touring America, and scheduled to perform tomorrow night in Rochester, Michigan at Meadow Brook Music Festival. For the best tickets to see Martin, and all other comedy events, head to charged.fm!





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