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Spiders Band Members Talk New Album Shake Electric, Musical Influences and More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Spiders creep their way into your mind with their new album Shake Electric!

Spiders Band Members Talk New Album Shake Electric, Musical Influences and More

Swedish rock act Spiders have been making waves with their new album Shake Electric. The band currently has a busy touring schedule in Europe and has been confirmed for Germany’s Rock Hard festival in 2015.

We got the opportunity to chat with vocalist Ann-Sofie Hoyles and guitarist John Hoyles all about their new effort Shake Electric, the Swedish music scene, musical inspirations and much more. Check out our interview with Ann-Sofie and John Hoyles below:

Shake Electric – what does this title mean to you?

John Hoyles: I think the title describes our music and also the lead song on the album was the last song we wrote before we went into the studio that tied the album together. Also I read a poem by Walt Whitman called “I Sing the Body Electric” which sounded cool!

How was the overall recording and creative process of this album?

Ann-Sofie Hoyles: We recorded Shake Electric in Kungstens Recording Studio in Gothenburg. It was the first time we recorded in this studio. Our drummer Ricard came up with the idea after he did a recording with another band there. It felt really good with Mattias Glavå who runs the studio, he recorded, mixed and produced the album.

He works totally analogue which we appreciate. We worked really hard to finished the songs before we got in the studio, we didn't want to waste time on unnecessary things, because we could record most of the album totally live. That was a great feeling to do the vocals at the same time as the others played - it gave me and the rest of the band so much energy in the songs.

We also felt glad about having our friends Gittan Kock and Victor Furbacken in the studio singing great backing vocals and playing wonderful piano!

How would you describe Spiders’ sound to anyone who is unfamiliar with the band?

JH: I would describe us as a classic rock band with elements of punk and glam. We are inspired a lot by '60s and '70s rock but also soul and blues.

There are so many incredible bands from Sweden, talk about the Scandinavian music scene growing up?

ASH: I agree! I'm so proud when we're out touring and I see all the posters everywhere with good Swedish bands. Many of them are friends of us and it’s always a great feeling when you like your friends music, isn't it?

I think there's always been many rock bands from Sweden but it's like a huge wave of that genre right now so you finally can see all this great bands everywhere now! Since Graveyard and Blues Pills became so big it helped many other bands to become more popular too I guess.

Are there any frontwomen or vocalists in general that you have drawn inspiration from?

ASH: I'm not separating gender in music, especially not in rock, it's a very androgynous genre so my influences are pretty mixed. I like people with energy like Tina Turner, Little Richard, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. All those people have the best combinations of skills.

Great voices, great moves, cool clothes and they don't seem to care at all of what gender they are! I like strong huge voices that you often hear in soul music, like Tina Turner, Etta James, Freddie King for example, and if you mix that kind of voice with a monotone, "not-so-educated-punk rock-voice" like Iggy Pop or Lou Reed!

What advice do you have for young women who want to get into this industry?

JH: There are less women in the music industry which is a shame but I think that will change soon. There are so many good female rock bands emerging from the rehearsal rooms and are going places and rock music is supposed to be for all. Ive played in other bands with women guitarists and drummers that play just as good as any guy, I think its just up to practice and not giving up.

What are your future aspirations and goals for Spiders?

JH: We would love to go over to the States and tour. Ive toured there before with other bands and think its great! Our main goal is to tour a lot and play loads of festivals and start on a new record next year.

In the near future, what can we expect from Spiders for the rest of 2014 into 2015?

JH: Hopefully playing a show near you.

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