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Apparently 50 Cent's Son Has Game

by Photo of Josh Bombart

Marquise Jackson can play basketball with some of the nations top talent.

Apparently 50 Cent's Son Has Game

Apparently the son of multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent can lace up and play some basketball. Marquise Jackson a 5'9 senior at St John's military academy has recently been featured in what is a popular high school basketball recruiting website, Hoopmixtape.com. This past weekend Marquise put up a staggering 20 points against the number 1 prep school in the country while shooting 75% from the field. Last year Marquis averaged 20 points a game and was even named 1st team all region. Marquise has not been recruited yet, but by the way he is playing against some of the nation's top talent, he might just be able to squeeze out a scholarship from a division 1 school. He has the rest of his senior season to play, so he has plenty of time to be recruited.

There seems to be a slight correlation between rappers and the fruit of their loins going on to play collegiate and professional sports. Tre Mason a current NFL running back on the St. Louis Rams, is the son of the De La Soul rapper Vincent Mason. Former child rapper Lil Romeo (Percy Miller) played division 1 basketball at USC and is famously the son of Master P, a rapper who also played some professional basketball himself. Other notable athletic rappers include Nelly who named his entourage after his high school baseball team (The St. Lunatics), and The Game who was a high school basketball star in Compton California playing alongside NBA players Tyson Chandler and Gilbert Arenas. 50 Cent himself boxed competitively and competed in the Junior Olympics.

Can it be possible that if you are born to a hip-hop artist, the chances of becoming a professional athlete increase? Unfortunately this theory hasn’t been scientifically proven, but looking at the list there seems to be a link between hip-hop music and sports. There might just be a rhythmic pattern in hip-hop that triggers our brains into thinking that we can out jump Michael Jordan? There is only one way to find out, look up where your favorite hip-hop artist is performing and watch them. If at your next pick-up basketball game you miraculously throw down a tomahawk dunk, then the theory will have been proven.

Check out Marquise Jackson's hoops mixtape here to see how much game he really has.


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