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Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: Entry 1

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

In her first installment, Shayna talks about the first show with Sister Hazel at B.B. King’s in NYC.

Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: Entry 1

Singer Shayna Leigh is currently out on tour with Sister Hazel. During this time, Shayna will provide CHARGED.fm an exclusive look at her life on the road with a Tour Diary. Here is her first of three diary entries.

My birthday was last Wednesday.

I was raised in what I call a very “birthday-centric” family… So I usually go all out and take celebrating very seriously. (haha)

But this year, it was a virtual non-event… because I was FAR TOO BUSY anticipating what I knew would be one of the most exciting days of my life so far. The kick off of my tour with Sister Hazel in my home state at B.B. Kings... a venue so iconic that the last time I was there it was rumored that Aretha [Franklin] might show up and sing a few surprise songs… (She did not end up singing… but I mean that’s what kind of place this is…).

As luck would have it, a few days before the show I started to see some signs that I was getting that cold that everyone I know seems to have. I also had rehearsals to attend (we made a lot of big musical changes to the live show to take it to the next level!) and was scheduled to drive to D.C. the day before the show to appear on Voice of America (my biggest live interview and performance to date!). So I had absolutely no time to be sick :)

I awoke Saturday morning feeling EH. And thereby BEYOND disappointed. I cannot tell you how I’d been anticipating this show for the past month, and to be sick - to not be able to do my best - especially in my hometown, at this venue that I hold in such esteem, opening for this incredible band… it was upsetting. HOWEVER, here’s the thing: It’s a show. Yes, it’s important to me, but it’s NOT ABOUT ME. It’s about entertaining the audience. It doesn’t matter how I feel; it’s about giving the people who came to see me the VERY BEST I HAVE TO GIVE. Period. End of Story.

So off I went to BB Kings. I stumbled down the famous stairs to the stage downstairs. I walked in the room and said my usual “Hi I’m Shayna… I’m the opening act”… and a very nice friendly guy walks up to me and says, “Hi, I’m Ken Block. This is going to be fun! Let me take you to the dressing rooms.” (I’m pretty sure I paraphrased, but you get the gist). Yes, I was personally greeted and escorted in by the lead singer of Sister Hazel. If this is any indication of how the next few weeks are going to go, then I have to say I’m pretty sure I am about to hit the road with the nicest band ever. I watched Sister Hazel do their sound check. They’re amazing. And professional. And generally seem to be in incredibly good spirits.

Then I did my sound check. And then there was the show. I was nervous. Because it was BB Kings. Because I wasn’t feeling well. But I vowed to do my very best. And it was easier than I thought… because not only is Sister Hazel super nice, but their crowd is really nice! It seemed like everyone wanted to listen, to enjoy the music. And that really does make all the difference to a performer.

It was an amazing night! I played with a new setup and played new songs (It was the first time I played my new holiday single- “Wake Me When It’s Christmas”- check it out!) and then when I was finished, I watched Sister Hazel play their set with my friends and family. And the best part … this was just the first show! It’s only the freakin’ beginning!

Check back soon on CHARGED.fm for Shayna's next exclusive diary entry. For more info on her tour with Sister Hazel, check out her website. Watch the video for "Wake Me When It's Christmas" below:

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