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Jets vs. Bills Game Snowed Out

by Photo of Josh Bombart

The New York Jets will now square off against the Buffalo Bills in Detroit on Monday to due severe blizzard.

Jets vs. Bills Game Snowed Out


The New York Jets, coming off a recent victory against the Pittsburg Steelers, were set to head upstate to face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in what is usually a heated divisional game. Due to the severe snowstorm that swept across Buffalo for most of this week, the game will not be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium and will be postponed until Monday. 

Buffalo has received a record amount of snow (8 feet in some areas) and there have been a reported 13 snow-related deaths with even more still expected to fall. The NFL claims that the game could be played in Buffalo on Sunday but wanted to allow the Bills to receive more practice time, which was limited due to the storm. The Bills will now have the luxury of being able to practice both on Friday and on Saturday, with an added walkthrough on Sunday. 

Even though the league says the game could have taken place, erring on the side of caution was the best decision. While it would have been great to have the game in Buffalo for the fans, the conditions are still far from ideal, with flooding potentially in the forecast with a warm weekend ahead. Changing locations was the best protocol.

The two teams will now square off in Detroit on Monday night at a comfortable indoor facility, Ford Field. Ford Field has been used in the past when NFL games needed an alternative setting, as the Minnesota Vikings hosted the New York Giants because of a roof collapse at the Metro Dome in 2010. The teams are set to play at 7:00 PM and will be aired on CBS.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the storm up in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. Stay safe.

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