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Adam Sandler Is Back in 'The Cobbler'

by Photo of Theodore Liggians

Adam Sandler’s latest looks like a heartwarming performance in ‘The Cobbler’ trailer.

The Cobbler’s trailer brings Adam Sandler back for a heartwarming but hilarious performance.

For some time Sandler has been in a rut when it came to putting out any appealing material. People remember the comedian for his classics The Wedding SingerThe Waterboy, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Now he has drawn away from his old comedic habits to star in the warm and loving The Cobbler.

The Cobbler looks at Max Simkin’s (Sandler) life as he lives the daily grind of a New York shoe repair man. It’s when Max discovers a magic heirloom in the basement of his shop that his life is transformed. He learns that using the machine on his customers’ shoes allows him to become them when he wears them. Max learns what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes quite literally.

Adam Sandler Is Back in 'The Cobbler'

The trailer starts with that average Sandler feel, which will make you ask, “Oh man, another usual Adam Sandler movie?” Then you’ll start to see familiar faces like Method Man, Steve Buscemi and Dustin Hoffman and how funny they can be with Sandler.

After it draws you in with laughs it switches to Sandler’s more appealing performance in the movie. He steals everyone’s heart with a subject that is close to everyones' hearts, their parent's happiness.

The Cobbler is directed by Thomas McCarthy, who's helmed critically well-received films like Win Win, The Visitor and The Station Agent. It's an interesting pairing, considering McCarthy's past works are much more melodramatic and thoughtful. That goes against the typical Sandler gag-fests we've been treated to in year's past. Whether this movie goes with a more commercial or independent feel remains to be seen (though early reviews aren't that great).

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