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Lewis Black's 'One Slight Hitch' is a hit at WTF

by Photo of Nikki Barr

One Slight Hitch is a Comedic Portrayal of Eccentric Families

Lewis Black's 'One Slight Hitch' is a hit at WTF

      Comedian Lewis Black is known for his social satire, so it is no surprise that his latest play, One Slight Hitch, provides a comedic portrayal of eccentric family life. 'One Slight Hitch' debued last week on the Nikos stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival with great success, and it will run thursday through sunday until July 17th.
     It tells the story of the coleman family, a midwestern, upperclass bunch, on the day of their middle daughter's wedding. The careful planning rapidly unravels , sparked by the arrival of the bride-to-be's ex-boyfriend. Whilst there is little action , the dialogue is fast paced and attention grabbing, with humerous deliveries from all cast members. The lines are clearly marked by Black's own comedic stand-up , in which he displays a tendency to needlessly ramble until the point where he drives us all bonkers.
     Like the action, the set of the play remains somewhat minimal; however, the audience is kept visually stimulated with the presence of props, such as bottles of scotch, in the corner of the stage. These are distinct nods to the hyperbolic nature of the characters, and help to anchor  the overarching themes of the play.
     The Williamstown Theatre Festival's aim is, and has always been, to attract the top talent, and help cultivate new artists. With the help of gifted playwrights such as Lewis Black, who has penned more than forty plays in his own career, the quality and ambition of those involved remains sky high.
     As well as writing new material for the stage, Lewis Black continues to tour his stand-up comedy. You can catch one of his gigs with the best tickets from Charged.fm!

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